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Category: Dogs

Giving up your dog is a tough, serious decision. I have had to give up lovely pooch due to moving.

Whether you are adopting an older pet or bringing home a new puppy, training and housebreaking can be fun and

Hybrid dog breeds are becoming the newest fad in pets. Some may call these beloveds mutts. On the other hand,

Are you really ready to bring a little furry friend home? I mean, are you really ready? Sure it sounds

For nearly 15,000 years, the wolf has been domesticated, finding its place in the homes and lives of a vast

As our schedules fill up with work and family obligations, dog daycare is becoming an attractive option for pet owners.

Just about everyone has heard the phrase, “dogs are a man’s (or a woman’s) best friend.” People who are fortunate

Families are always looking for a best friend to join their home, whether it be for companionship or protection. However,

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