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By Renee Cook

The newest pet craze " designer dogs

Hybrid dog breeds are becoming the newest fad in pets. Some may call these beloveds mutts. On the other hand, owners may call their furry four-legged loves "designer dogs." While there are plenty of positives to owning one of these unique pets, we must also consider some downfalls. If you know exactly what you are looking for and have done background on the breeders and breeds, then you get an A-plus.

However, there are some people who do not know much about breeding and could start mixing all types of breeds. This trend could become dangerous and deadly in a short amount of time. Entire breeds have suffered due to breeders wanting a certain color, height, shape, look, etc. When deciding to mix breeds, temperament, character and only two blood lines should be considered. Also, the prospective mother and father how are their temperament and sociability. Would you want to mix the two together?

The positives seem to extend in people's minds a lot farther when crossbreeding. Designer dogs seem to be healthier and live a lot longer than purebreds. Possibly because when mixing two different bloodlines it lowers the chances of certain diseases that purebred can be well known for. The possible positive effects on the humans' health are ones to be considered as well. Most owners of designers show a reduction of stress and depending on the type of designer pet you may have one with a hypoallergenic coat such as a Labradoodle. Here are just a few designer dog breeds and their names.


A labradoodle is a labrador retriever and miniature or toy poodle crossbreed. This designer dog is highly intelligent, well-mannered, light shedders and hypoallergenic.


A pug and beagle crossbreed, this designer is active, friendly yet can be hard to train.

Bullboxer pit

This is a cross between a boxer and American pit bull terrier. This designer dog is very active, is moderately easy to train, makes a good companion dogs and is good with children.


This is a cross between and Alaskan malamute and the Siberian husky. This designer dog has a lot of energy and is intelligent, loving and loyal. If trained would do well with family and children.

These are four of many designer dogs. With enough research and knowledge the perfect blend of bloodlines is possible. As well as with any animal the proper training and consistency could make the greatest best friend/companion dog a person could ever ask for.

These designer dogs can also be registered with the American Canine Association, Designer Breed registry, American Canine Hybrid Club and several other registries. Knowing the blood line is a must, especially if they are from pure blood lines on each side. Make sure you do your research and background and you are sure to enjoy and not regret a minute of time with your designer dog.

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