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By David L Tennant

Why your dog is really your best friend

Just about everyone has heard the phrase, “dogs are a man’s (or a woman’s) best friend.” People who are fortunate enough to have a dog as a pet probably would agree with the sentiment, but it serves the cause to delve a bit deeper into the statement and learn a little more.

People gain a lot when a dog is around

Studies have shown that the human-dog partnership has more benefits that just having a nice pet. In a recent article in Huffington Post, Ten Reasons Dogs Are Our Best Friends, some additional reasons are mentioned, giving solid evidence that dogs are good for us for lots of reasons.

Some of the items mentioned in the Huffington post include:

  1. Dogs don’t judge us. They are always eager to be with us, no matter our temperament or occurrences in our lives.
  2. Dogs are never moody or in a bad mood. They are a great emotional comfort as they always are ready to be by our side, no matter what is going on.
  3. Dogs don’t need to use words, as they seem to know what to say without having to say it. We are aware that they are always going to be there to “say” the right thing.
  4. Dogs are always ready to be with you no matter what you want to do. Dogs don’t need to be persuaded.
  5. Dogs discern immediately if people don’t particularly like dogs, and they will attempt to make friends.
  6. Dogs do feel remorse. If they do something wrong, like track in mud, they respond to discipline. They are always eager to please.
  7. Dogs offer love that is unconditional. There is never any wavering or compromise in this department.
  8. Love from a dog as well as your love for the dog is a permanent relationship. It just grows stronger as time passes.
  9. Dogs are the ultimate protection, as they will give their lives to protect us. They can sense danger in an instant, and they will respond accordingly.
  10. Dogs want to be loved, and they will go to extraordinary lengths to let us know that.

Dogs are the ideal solution for our aged citizens and people who live alone

Dogs play a major role in rest homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers, as noted in “Dogs That Will Double As Your Therapist.” Having therapeutic dogs in these centers does great good in the healing and wellness of residents and patients. Patients in rehabilitation facilities have lower blood pressure and suffer less from anxiety. Dogs help to reduce the stress suffered by our veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Your dog will be with you forever

While it is true that dogs do not live as long as we do, the time that they are with us is unforgettable. Each dog that enters our lives is a unique and intimate friend who always will have a place in our heart.

We are much better human beings when we have and care for a dog, as the return of the love from our dog is one of the unique joys of existence.

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