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Category: Healthy Eating

I'm not sure how or what role food plays in other countries, but I know that here in America it

A study shows that fast food places are producing a clean and healthy background than your typical five-star restaurant. Donald

While most people think eating healthy is a drag, it doesn't have to be! Superfoods are simply foods that are

This is the story of simplifying a very confusing subject while working long hours, training as often as possible and

In many countries around the world, coffee is by far the most consumed beverage. Most Americans and Africans start off

When people hear the phrase "paleo diet," they think "the what diet?" or "Great. Another diet that is going to

Most people think eating healthy takes a lot of effort, time and money, but it doesn't necessarily need to be

Do you know which macro-nutrients are the most misunderstood? Fats! Because of the world's fascination with dieting and weight loss,

There isn't anything wrong with the traditional potato, but sweet potatoes are a tasty alternative with the health-conscious edge. They

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