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By Cassondra Scheiber

The top 10 best dog breeds for families

Families are always looking for a best friend to join their home, whether it be for companionship or protection. However, not all breeds make great family pets. Some breeds are not as good with children, and some are meant to have specific jobs. In this list we explore the 10 best dogs for families of all sizes.

1. Labrador retriever

Labs are active and social dogs. They are playful and love to play games. Labradors are also easily trained and well-behaved. As a result of these traits, they’re an excellent family dog. They are especially loving and good with children.

2. Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are another very friendly family dog. Firstly, they are incredibly loyal. They love their family and with stay faithful to them. These dogs are also very active and will be great for family activities such as hiking, riding bikes, and playing at the park.

3. Bulldog

A surprising addition to the top 10 dogs for families list. Contrary to popular belief, bulldogs are calm and even-tempered dogs. If you are wanting a dog that is not going to be over hyper and jump on you all the time, this is the one to get. Bulldogs are also very courageous and will likely be protective of their owners. If you can get past the fact that they are going to drool all over you, you will be in love with their charming personality.

4. Beagle

The Beagle is a small member of the hound group. They are very happy dogs and are very loving. Beagles are a very curious group of dogs and will be happy to meet and see new things and people. Their small size will make great companions for small children.

5. Chinese pug

Another small breed dog that will be great for any family is the pug. They are very charming dogs and it is so much fun to watch them play. Pugs have enough energy to be a playful family member, but not to much energy that they will be jumping around and barking all the time.

6. Newfoundland

On the other end of the spectrum, a very large breed dog that is a great family dog is the Newfoundland. These dogs are known to be very patient and loving. These make for great qualities around children. Newfoundland’s are loyal and devoted to their family. They also make for great companion dogs for someone that lives alone. They are a very versatile breed.

7. Collie

According to the American Kennel Club, collies are the 37th most popular dog breed. This is for a good reason. Collies are a proud breed and love to make their owners happy. They have a good energy level and are active dogs. Collies are great family dogs for farms. They can be your working dog and then come inside and cuddle up to.

8. French bulldog

French bulldogs have a personality that is bigger than their actual size. They are very playful and fun dogs to be around. If you travel a lot and want a dog to take with you a French bulldog is a great choice. They are very adaptable and will be comfortable as long as they are where you are.

9. Irish setter

Another very trainable dog is the Irish setter. They are part of the sporting group and are very active. This is another dog you will want to take on all your fun family activities. They are very outgoing and will love to try new things.

10. Brussels Griffon

Last, but certainly not least, is the Brussels Griffon. This dog is a very overlooked breed. These little dogs are part of the toy breed. They are loving and sweet and very loyal, and will make the sweetest little companion to any family. Additionally, they are small enough to nap anywhere they want including your lap.

Closing thoughts on the top 10 dogs for families

You will not go wrong with any of the breeds listed in this article. No matter what you are looking for, whether it be a small dog or large dog, a calm or energetic dog, there is a loving companion out there for every family.

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