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Category: Software

The movie ‘Matrix’ introduced us to the concept of life being a highly evolved computer simulation… Eighteen years later some

We dangle technology from out fingertips every day. In a smart phone or tablet there is immediate access to email,

Keeping up with current technology will require that your company is able to receive and process payments in different ways.

The most common question I receive when people find out I work in IT is "Why is my home wireless

Deciding to become an entrepreneur is scary, especially in technology. With the high amount of competition, it may seem as

2017 was an impressive year for phones. With multiple excellent Android releases and the iPhone X dominating holiday sales with

Many believe that there are not many options to be innovative when it comes to the hospitality business. But technology

Our Mission Our mission is to operate with honesty and integrity while providing first-class service to businesses seeking assistance with

Apple Inc. recently announced the new iPhone X, and one of the features that have taken the internet by storm

Health and fitness are important subjects for all of us. That said, I lost my youthful infatuation with “working out”

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