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By Jenna Leona

Essential considerations for choosing a doggy daycare

As our schedules fill up with work and family obligations, dog daycare is becoming an attractive option for pet owners. With the need for this service expanding, it can be overwhelming to vet a business that will best suit the needs of you and your companion.

Staff qualifications are key

A trained and able staff is the cornerstone of any enterprise and a dog daycare is no exception. Groups of dogs can fight while socializing but properly trained workers can minimize such risks.

Organizations, such as The Dog Gurus, provide training courses on a wide array of topics that teach employees about proper dog-to-dog interactions. Accreditations from programs like this are a huge check in the plus column, as are any first aid and CPR certifications.

The qualifications of all staff members should be readily available on the establishment's website and social media.

Canine behavioral training will allow daycare attendants to minimize accidents, as well as help them determine if your dog is a good fit for their off-leash group.

Evaluating your dog matters

The process to enroll your dog in a daycare program should consist of a detailed application. Questions regarding why you would like to have your dog participate, how your pet behaves around other dogs and being asked to explain any behavioral issues are typical.

Once this is completed, an evaluation of your dog with the group will be scheduled. If you encounter a daycare that insists applications and evaluations are not necessary, it is best to look elsewhere.

A safe play group can only be formed when trained professionals are able to assess every animal's behavior within the pack. This will decrease the potential of dog fights and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your animal to relax, play and socialize.

Amount of time dogs are together

Naturally, figuring out which dogs belong together in an off-leash environment is important as they will be spending many hours together. How many hours will vary from place to place as some programs insist that dogs cannot settle unless confined for part of their stay.

This is simply not true; well-trained employees will be able to manage the schedule of the dogs in their care to include several rest periods without separating them.

Cleaning habits of a good daycare

Cleanliness is also an important point to inquire about as you consider your dog care options. A good daycare will have easily cleanable surfaces and maintain a fastidious cleaning regimen. This will involve disinfecting indoor messes, frequently disposing of waste in their yards and a daily routine of sterilizing toys and surfaces.

Cleaning supplies should be stored safely away from the animals during the day.

Above all else, never be afraid to ask questions of a facility you are looking at. A reputable place of business will be happy to engage in conversation and be able to proudly tout their qualifications. Finding the perfect fit for your companion will allow your pet to maintain an active, social lifestyle while giving you peace of mind throughout their daily stays.

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