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Category: Dogs

Some small dog owners tend to be guilty of over pampering and protecting their canines. This results in their little

The types of service dogs found in the world today has multiplied over the years. In fact, most people have

Farm dogs are hard-working, loyal dogs that do not get all the fancy pampering that other pups are so accustomed

A new puppy takes time to housebreak. The process is almost like the way a little child grows up and

The Pomeranian is an iconic breed. Known for its fluffy fur and cute teddy bear face, this little pooch has

Christmas is a season when hearts and wallets are open, and many dogs find new homes. For many, these will

Is your dog blowing you off? Does it feel like Fido is running the show and you're just watching? Or

Dogs are no exception to arthritis as they age. Just like humans, when the cartilage wears away, a dog’s bones

Dogs are supposed to be man's best friend, but some people simply do not know the first thing about owning

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