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Category: Real Estate

Staging the inside of a home for sale requires thought, but staging the outside is easier. Home seekers often cannot

Property taxes are a commonly overlooked expense for new homebuyers. Property taxes must be highly considered as they are an

Investors are quick to rave about real estate, and owning a home – or multiple homes, for that matter –

As of August 2017, Maryland was ranked as the richest state in the country, with a median household income of

There are numerous ways to calculate the equity in a business. The method an investor uses depends on the type

Real estate agents are the ‘middlemen' that make property transactions easier as they scout, sell, buy and rent properties on

When the real estate landscape changes, so too does the landscape of neighborhoods. This is especially true with the recent

Aside from college, home ownership is one of the most expensive ventures that Americans will ever embark on. Buying a

Often used interchangeably, there is a big difference between "house" and "home." A "house" is a capital acquisition, something you

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