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Category: Dogs

We all ask ourselves this question, “What kind of dog food is best for my dog?” There are all kinds

It can happen to anyone and everyone, at any time. An aggressive, loose, dog can appear lightning fast and attack

Every dog owner knows that dogs are fast and far more nimble than their human masters. In fact, even the

Beside humans and other the hominids, birds are among the most “talkative” of creatures. Though no expert claims that birds

Forget about keeping cats as pets – they will actually eat you if given half a chance – dogs are

Toys are an important part of a dog’s life. The right toys will help relieve boredom, provide comfort, help prevent

Almost all dog owners have experienced the frustration of not knowing all of the things their dog can’t tell them.

A friend who fosters dogs before they are adopted recently lost one to heartworms. While that was sad, it was

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