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Category: Arts and Humanities

Many artists have existed in the past but only a handful have left a legacy that has in one way

In the past few months, an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations has fallen upon big names in media and politics

Photography… Seems easy doesn't it? You just hold a camera and snap a picture. Nothing is as it seems, not

Oscar night is still two months away, but everyone already knows who is going to walk away with a gilded

The mantra of freedom is common ground for most Americans, but the freedoms we have are misinterpreted. Moreover, some of

In one of my previous articles, Success is based on your now choices, I stated: “It is our ‘now’ moment

Native American Indian Heritage Month in the United States has been celebrated in November since 1990 as a means of

What does finding anything, thinking like a child and having fun have to do with photography? A whole lot. Imagine

Prosperity might be just a word, but as a society, we love to attach meaning to words. Thus, we will

I pulled my car into the driveway of what appeared to be an old car shop, but there was something

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