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Five uncommon types of service dogs

The types of service dogs found in the world today has multiplied over the years. In fact, most people have only ever heard of seeing-eye dogs. What many people don't realize is that there are a large variety of service dogs that can be found in the world today. Here are five service dogs that are on duty to help others in need.

Autism Service Dogs

Autism service dogs are an option for parents whose child or children are on the autism spectrum, as well as those adults who suffer from autism. While the needs of the individual vary, the training of the right service dog is also considered. Some autism service dogs are trained for sensory deprivation, while others are trained to help with dangerous repetitive behaviors their hosts may exhibit.

Patriot Service Dogs

Patriot service dogs are for military veterans who suffer ailments from their time spent serving their country. These dogs are trained particularly for disabled veterans who suffer from ailments such as PTSD, traumatic injuries to the brain, amputations, mobility issues or another type of ailment associated with their status. Each service dog is trained for at least two years before being matched to their veteran with the disability.

Physical Assistance Dogs

Physical assistance dogs are used by individuals who need help with everyday tasks that may be hard to perform without assistance. They can be trained to assist their owner by helping when objects are dropped, opening doors and even pulling a wheelchair up a ramp or a short distance. Individuals with physical disabilities that include being in a wheelchair, the inability to walk normally, the inability to stand and more can benefit from having a physical assistance dog to help them get through their day as normally as possible.

Police Dogs

An often overlooked service dog is a police dog. While they are considered cops and part of the police department, they are also service dogs that provide a service, just like a police officer does. They protect the community from criminals and help their partner "sniff" out the bad guys when they are able. Police dogs are an important part of any law enforcement facility, and are able to provide the services of sniffing out drugs and explosives, finding lost people, search and rescue and much more. Many are considered unsung heroes.

Therapy Service Dogs

Therapy dogs are an option for persons who cannot otherwise own a dog. Many therapy dogs travel to different locations to provide services such as comfort, friendship and companionship to individuals with various diseases and disabilities. Oftentimes, therapy dogs will visit hospitals and other medical facilities to provide sick children and adults with comfort and companionship. While many people may not consider therapy dogs to be service dogs, they indeed are: Just ask a terminally ill child who gets a visit from a furry friend frequently.

Although these are only a fraction of the types of service dogs available to those individuals in need, we can rest assured that service dogs are not a thing of the past. Their numbers grow daily as their training continues to help individuals with special needs. When researching service dogs for a specific need, be sure to do in-depth research. The more information you have, the easier it will be to choose the animal you are looking for.

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