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By Barbara Serating

A rescued animal will fill your heart with love for taking them into your home. They will shower you with everlasting love forever.

Rescuing an animal who no longer has a loving owner or a forever home, is one of the most enriching experiences for a pet parent. An owner may chose to give up his or her dog for a gamut of reasons such as unrealistic expectations, lack of experience, behavioral issues or their inability to care for the animal. Dogs live in the moment, but are well aware of the fact that they have lost their home and the humans that were caring for them. Most of them will be euthanized in a short amount of time. The lucky ones are rescued by volunteers that represent a certain breed. Some spend the rest of their lives in “no kill” shelters. Others may become part of Cesar Millan’s pack and live in a great environment.

Mixed breeds and pedigree dogs find themselves needing a forever home. The amazing thing is that they know instinctively that they have been rescued and placed in a loving home. For that reason, they give their new owners an amazing amount of love in return. For the people that adopt them, they validate how much they appreciate us for all the days of their lives.

In 2014, we rescued a female Yorkie. She was found wandering the streets of a major city in North Carolina. She had no identification and had her eye hanging out of her eye socket. Animal Rescue picked her up and she was placed in a city shelter. Thankfully, just ten minutes before she was to be euthanized, she was picked up by a member of the NC Yorkie Rescue Group.

The vet was unable to save her eye. After receiving treatment for pain and a possible infection, she was placed in a wonderful foster home.

We were recovering from the loss of our pug that had to be put down a few weeks before the Yorkie’s adoption. It was devastating to watch him become paralyzed and suffering from intractable pain. I held him as he was given an injection that ended his pain and torture. It is heart rendering to lose a beloved pet that has become one of your family. Dogs only live on average 12-14 years and we lose them much too soon.

Once we saw a picture of our girl on the NC Yorkie Rescue website, we knew we wanted to adopt her. After filling out the application and getting approved, we went to meet her at her foster home. Her name had been changed to Faith and we felt she was a gift from God. We loved her the first time we held her. She lovingly kissed both of our faces. She became our girl and Princess a week later after she was spayed.

It seems like a rescued dog instinctively knows that they have been rescued. As a result, they give you so much love and affection for as long as they live. We have bred Basset pups and taken new puppies into our home over the years. They have given us joy and love, and are awesome additions to our family. Nothing can compare to the bond that develops between the rescue dog and that dog’s new family.

Think rescue dog the next time you want a new dog in your home. You will never regret your decision to adopt one and give that dog a new forever home.

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