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By DenaeKohler

Five reasons to adopt the farm dog feeding method

Farm dogs are hard-working, loyal dogs that do not get all the fancy pampering that other pups are so accustomed to. Some people have their dogs on strict diets and regimented feeding schedules that create slobbery food monsters. People who feed their dogs on a schedule often complain about many of their dog's eating habits and the inconvenience of the schedule. You don't get these problems with the Farm Dog Feeding Method. The Farm Dog Feeding Method is simple: give your dog constant access to food. Here are five reasons you should adopt this feeding style.

No overeating

Do you have a constant concern that your dog will break into the food bin while you're gone and gorge itself? This method prevents the dog from ever thinking it needs to eat as much as it can whenever it has the chance. Farm dogs are given access to food from the time they are old enough to chew, so the desperate urge to get what they can, when they can never develops. This prevents overeating and encourages periodic snacking throughout the day. Just like humans, it is better for a dog's metabolism if they are able to snack throughout the day and not pig out on two meals a day.

No speed eating

Do you ever watch your dog hurriedly gobbling down his/her food and just wish they would slow down? If you were only given a little bit of food in the morning and couldn't eat again until someone came home and fed you, you'd probably scarf your food down too. If you adopt the farm dog routine, your dog won't feel the need to eat fast. Constant access to food tells their brains that the food isn't going anywhere, so they don't need to chase it out of the bowl and into their mouth before it gets away.

No begging

A begging dog is an annoying dog, but what type of dog feels the need to beg? A hungry dog. If dogs are given constant access to food and can manage their own intake, they won't be hungry. So, unless you give in and let them eat people food every time they give you those puppy dog eyes, you won't have to deal with those adorable yelps when you're trying to enjoy a meal.

No Pavlov slobber dog

Ivan Pavlov showed us that classical conditioning with food causes dogs to salivate. Scheduled morning and evening feedings condition your dog to drool when they know you are leaving and when they hear you coming home. It's a natural reaction to knowing food is coming. If your dog is a slobber monster when you're preparing their meal or your own, and it bothers you, the Farm Dog Feeding Method is a simple solution. Your dog will drool less if they aren't in a constant state of hunger.

No need to hurry home

It can be difficult to have an after-work social life or go on a spontaneous adventures when your dog is at home waiting for its dinner. It is easy to feel guilty when you have someone depending on you for food and you show up later than the normal schedule. The Farm Dog Feeding Method allows you to go out and not worry about when you get home. Plus, the in-home pet sitter bill won't be as steep because someone won't have to come to your house 2-3 times a day for feedings. If your dog has access to a potty spot, doesn't bark its head off all day, and is safe, there's no reason you can't go on a little vacation and not worry.

There are certain circumstances in which the Farm Dog Feeding Method may not work. If your dog has become accustomed to scheduled feedings and has already adopted overeating, speed eating and other such traits, you will need to take the time to retrain them. If your dog does not have an option to relieve itself when nature calls throughout the day, this feeding method may not be for you. However, if your dog has the option to go potty and has no set-in-stone eating habits, there is no reason the Farm Dog Feeding Method should not work for you.

If you are looking for a way to deal with the annoyances that come with scheduled feedings, commit to the Farm Dog Feeding Method and never worry about it again. Your dog won't feel the need to overeat, speed eat, beg for scraps, slobber everywhere or leave you feeling guilty about getting home late. Give the Farm Dog Feeding Method a try, and you – and your dog – will enjoy more freedom.

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