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Category: Politics

The mantra of freedom is common ground for most Americans, but the freedoms we have are misinterpreted. Moreover, some of

Both the U.S. Congress and the states passed the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution after President Franklin D. Roosevelt served

Visitors from all over the world stream into the People’s House every year to admire the art adorning its labyrinthine

I sat on my mother's shoulders. President Nixon was running for re-election. We were in a hangar at O'Hare airport

The Constitution and the Electoral College Part II This is Part II of an article that reviewed the Constitution and

The United States of America has one of the largest economies in the world. With an economy so massive some

It is easy to put one another down while things are spiraling out of control. In today's society it is

The Declaration of Independence is considered the first true step to the American colonies freedom from the Crown. Thomas Jefferson

Based on several philosophical studies, it is true that justice forms some of the procedures that some powerful individuals in

Pivotal to the U.S. Presidential Election are swing states, which are heavily courted like a fine lady by the Democratic

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