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By Elizabeth Wilcox

The journalist’s creed is six feet under

The mantra of freedom is common ground for most Americans, but the freedoms we have are misinterpreted. Moreover, some of those freedoms are commonly abused. In an attempt to balance the misuse of freedoms, many groups have created codes, regulations or creeds. There are a few creeds I am familiar with due to my time served in the military. However, I was surprised to find that journalists have one as well. After reading the Journalist’s creed, I wonder what Walter Williams would think about the fruit of journalistic labors today.

Journalist’s Creed – is it still relevant?

I mostly disregard the ignorant rhetoric that is aired by our town criers, but after reading a specific article, I wondered what was motivating the author to write in a way that creates a definite divide in our country. He decided to contribute to the hate between “Blacks and Whites” – this was a conscious decision.

There is little substance in the article; it is filled with emotional garbage that does not belong in any widely circulated journalism. Shortly after all of the vitriolic rhetoric was spilled out by these digital journals, there was a devastating assault on the Dallas Police Department.

So I pose this question: How are the actions taken by these types of journalists not likened to the actions of someone entering a crowded building and yelling “fire”? Have they not created a hyperbole of the situation in an irresponsible manner that sounds like danger? Are they not behind the cause of the multiple angry stampedes comprised of protesters who feel threatened by that danger? Have they not been the emotional driving force fueling the mobs that result in multiple deaths?

Uncertain Future

This much is true: We live in a country that has afforded us many freedoms. Freedoms that I hold so dear, I served 14 years protecting those freedoms for my fellow citizens. I did this so that those who would change the way we live, learn and operate as a country would not have the chance to lay foot here on our soil. Now that same enemy has come to breed in our own rank and file. When those who threaten our peace and unity come from within, it is time to take action. That form of action is to amend our Constitution to change how the press operates.

There are many who would oppose this motion; they will hide under the guise of protecting rights and future degradation of freedoms. That, my friends, is what is known as a slippery slope, a philosophic fallacy intended to protect from unsound arguments. A fallacy that is commonly practiced in today’s journalism.

The fact is that the use of freedom of speech by interest groups has been carried out with no responsibility. The industry is daring and derelict when it comes to well being of our societal health. These media groups are powerful and who knows who they are funded or managed by. It is time for us as a people to take control of what we consume as readers, if for no other reason than to ward off the perilous coma those in power would have us succumb to.

As for me and my household, we will not partake in the emotional rhetoric that is spewing from the digital world. The noise stops here. Let’s rediscover the Journalist’s creed before it’s too late.

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