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By Chimereucheya Ezihie

Describe the impact of an artist or musician who managed to capture the public imagination and achieve fame in their lifetime. Critically review the content of their work, and explain why it remains compelling today

Many artists have existed in the past but only a handful have left a legacy that has in one way or the other impacted on the lives of its listeners. Alive or dead, most of their songs are still popular in the music industry and their messages pass from one generation to another (Covach 34). Michael Jackson is one pop singer whose fame still pierces through the memory of every listener even though he passed away in 2012. His works have however motivated, educated, and liberated most people from bondage and cocoons of hatred.

“You are not alone,” is one song that has in decades remained in the memories of any victim, male or female, going through any tough situation in his/her life. The song that was made in early 2000 has stayed popular because it can be sung in any situation that demands comfort. That ranges from burials, diseases and even to break-ups. The lyrical song comforts any depressed victim that no matter how tough the situation may seem, the victim must never let in the power of depression to reign because it is a mental condition that can in the long run result even to the loss of life in worse scenarios (Frith, Goodwin, and Grossberg 28). In addition, the song also educates in the sense that it urges the society as a whole to always be brothers’ keepers by always running to aid victims in sorrow. In that perceptual context, it empowers the society as a whole to approach challenges holistically in order to save the human race.

His other art was the ‘Earthly’ song that clearly condemned environmental destruction in the name of industrialization. In his song, he asserts that the basis of industries and factories is the core source of all human suffering. In the pictorial clip of his work, he begins when pasture and fauna are at its brink of greenness. He observes that mankind comes up with innovation and reproduces uncontrollably to the extent that nature is physically evacuated to create space for settlement of humans. This is very destructive especially in the aftermath that follows after destroying the forest. Instances of storms, flood, and tsunami are seen to increase death rates and ironically vandalize structures that had in the first case set man to destroy the forest (Greeson, and Williams 61). The song is educative and strives to liberate mankind from environmental destruction with a warning that “what goes around comes around!” The piece of the song has for decades been used in large environmental organizations including UNEP to advocate for environmental policies and protection. For sure, nature is a global responsibility for every individual and not just for the natives of a locality.

His life as an artist is also reflective and fruitful because it is coupled with the desire to completely eradicate racism among societies of the world. As a young African American artist, he began his career as a small boy with dark skin and was evenly liked by many races across the board. In his quest to strengthen his assertion on a free world without racism, he opted to undergo a plastic surgery so that he could have the white color as a sign of showing unity symbol. Inwards he was a black race but from the external image, he adopted the white race. His lesson for many young men is that one does not really have to of a given color to remain significant or popular in a society. Notwithstanding, his change of color attracted much criticism but the ultimate fact is that it was a movement that depicted a modern era of art (Mercer 97). He practically represented a true society of racism that people, especially Americans, live.

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