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By Greg Washington

Attracting and maintaining prosperity

Prosperity might be just a word, but as a society, we love to attach meaning to words. Thus, we will humbly attach meaning to one more. The word "prosperity"" in metaphysical usage is in no way confined to financial conditions. Prosperity for an individual should not only reflect on finances but also on such ideas as love, peace and health. If these areas are lacking in an individual, then the mind will not feel truly prosperous. Also, when we feel lack in one of these areas, it will then bleed over into other areas, such as finances.

Mental attitude as a source of prosperity

The right mental attitude for attracting prosperity is one that is constantly open and expecting new ideas, inspiration and intuition from our higher God-mind. In a continual state of openness and expectancy, the mind will feel prosperous and never accept financial limitations. The constantly open mind is at peace and clear from limiting beliefs, allowing for new ideas to flow in and leading to greater prosperity. Thus, in metaphysics the true source of prosperity is a state of mind that is always aware of God, as the manifesting Universe, being an individual's true source of prosperity.

Prosperity as a "state of soul"

Prosperity is also considered a "state of soul" in metaphysics, because once an individual is filled with their own higher God-presence through meditation, this state of soul enforces the conscious state of mind through our day-to-day living. This state of soul enforces through you that the wisdom of the intelligent universe is working within you to attract and maintain prosperity. One could thus say prosperity becomes a natural state of being.

Programming one's subconscious

To program an individual's subconscious for prosperity, you can start by going into a subconscious level of meditation. Once comfortable, give yourself affirmations of prosperity, repeating each one to yourself three times. After you have done this, choose an affirmation that suits your needs the best and write it down on a small piece of paper. Carry the affirmation with you and refer to it throughout your daily activities at various times. By doing this, you will continually attract prosperity towards yourself.

Au revoir

One should vigilantly keep an open and positive disposition as so to attract universal abundance into his or her life. This may sound like a tough challenge, but with metaphysical mediation and patience, prosperity will eventually lose its value as a word and become a vibration of the soul. This vibrational frequency acts as natural or primal energy, if you will, and magnetically attracts prosperity in whatever form seen fit to satiate the call of said frequency of equal or lesser polarity.

In the end, one shall program their subconscious for prosperity daily by partaking in metaphysical meditation. The affirmations given daily and repeatedly by the individual will plant and germinate the seeds of wisdom that the soul will inevitably recycle into renewable spiritual energy. This energy will then be channeled towards the manifestation of prosperity in the physical, and thus, prosperity is born.

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