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By LondonAngel

Photography A Moment Captured In Time

Photography… Seems easy doesn't it? You just hold a camera and snap a picture. Nothing is as it seems, not everyone can be a photographer. Not only does photography require a lot of equipment, you have to know your camera. Believe me, there are many cameras to choose from. So you choose your camera, what next? You discover it's more than just a normal camera. It has many different settings in which you have no idea how to operate. So you've read up on the settings, you decide to take a photo outside… It comes out awful. You also have learn how to set the lighting for different places. It would take all day to explain all that needs to be learned about a professional camera. So you see photography is more than just taking a photo. Let's continue to see what photography is really about.

Photography is a moment captured in time. It is beautiful, dark. amazing, most of all it's art. Passion is what drives photographers. How do I know this? I am also a photographer, I own Shutter-Up Photography. Through the eyes of a photographer the world is completely different. What you would think is ordinary… A photographer would think of it as an opportunity to capture art. Photography is art. Though we don't use paint brushes, it's art just the same. The next time you think of photography as just snapping a picture, remember it's far from it.

Photography has captured some of the most beautiful photos around the world. Photographers have to be willing to go to the extremes to get the perfect shot. For example: A photo of Alaska's beautiful landscapes covered with snow. It was a photographer who took that photo. They suffered through the freezing weather (which we all know Alaska has) to get that perfect shot. As I said before passion is what drives photographers. They suffer through weather conditions we could never imagine for that perfect shot. They have to take a lot of photos before they get the shot they want. It takes days, weeks, or longer on location before they get it. Sadly there are times they don't. It takes time, patience, knowledge of your equipment, and so much more. I love being a photographer, it's a feeling that cannot be put into words. Hopefully this has given you a little bit of insight into the world of photography. It much larger than this article. Maybe your curiosity will drive you to research the topic. It is truly amazing.

Let's do a quick re-cap of our discussion.

  • Photography isn't just snapping a picture.
  • It requires a lot of equipment.
  • Once you've chosen a professional camera you have to understand the settings and how it works.
  • Passion is what drives photographers.
  • Photography is a moment captured in time.
  • Photographers go through extreme climates to get the perfect shot.
  • Photography requires time, patience, knowledge of your equipment, and so much more.
  • Photography is beautiful, dark, but most all it's art.
  • Photography is amazing.
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