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What Is The Process For Filing A Camp Lejeune Water Lawsuit Claim?

Many people who worked at or lived at Camp Lejeune (CL) or MCAS New River between the years 1953 and 1987 could have been harmed by contaminated water. The U.S. government should have known chemicals that could cause serious medical issues had contaminated the water supply. However, officials were slow to fix the problem, which resulted in widespread harm.

What health issues did people get if they drank that water?

Researchers found the water supplying the housing at CL contained industrial chemicals. Experts have linked those toxins to cancer and other health issues. Some pregnant women who drank the contaminated water may have had a miscarriage. If their baby was born, the infant might have had a higher risk of birth defects. The more exposure people had, the higher their risk of getting health problems. The exact dates of exposure and the actual contamination levels are not known.

When something like this happens, the responsible party ideally would make things right for those who were harmed. However, it’s often up to attorneys to represent victims and help them get compensation for financial losses such as medical costs. In some cases, the only way to do this is through a lawsuit.

Why is there a lawsuit against Camp Lejeune?

For a long time, the people who may have been harmed by contaminated water at CL had few legal options. This was because veterans usually couldn’t sue the government for injuries related to their military service.

Victims had to go to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to seek disability benefits. However, the VA denied many of those claims and the benefits the department did award often weren’t enough.

Now, victims of Camp Lejeune may be able to get justice. In 2022, Congress passed the Camp Lejeune Justice Act (CLJA), and President Biden signed it into law. This legislation paved the way for those who were harmed by toxic water at Camp Lejeune to join a lawsuit against the camp.

Who can file a claim in the CL water contamination lawsuit?

Thanks to the CLJA, victims can be financially compensated for their pain and suffering. They can join this lawsuit against Camp Lejeune if they were at CL for at least 30 days. Even those who receive disability benefits from the VA can file a lawsuit against Camp Lejeune.

Some people had family members who died due to exposure to the water at CL. Those who lost loved ones in this way may be eligible to make a wrongful death claim. It does not matter how long ago exposure took place. Victims can still file a claim. However, they need to do it soon.

When should victims file a toxic water lawsuit?

All victims must file their claim no later than two years after President Biden signed the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. Filing a claim can be complicated, and victims only have a short time window to do so. That’s why the attorneys at Action Matters are ready to help immediately.

Do victims need a lawyer for a Camp Lejeune water lawsuit?

Individuals might not be sure how to file a claim. They also might be worried about what to do if the Navy denies their claim, mainly because the legal process is difficult to understand.

A lawyer can help victims gather the right evidence to prove their case. Attorneys can also file their claims for them.

How do people file a CL-contaminated water lawsuit?

Those impacted by water contamination at CL or who had loved ones affected might need clarification about what to do next. Action Matters wants victims to know that help is available.

To file a claim, individuals need to:

  • Complete the Camp Lejeune claim form.
  • Wait 180 days for the Navy to review the completed claim form and decide whether to settle or deny it.
  • File a lawsuit within 180 days if the Navy denies the claim. All lawsuits filed for denied claims will be decided in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.

What happens if the Navy denies a claim?

If the Navy denies a victim’s claim, that individual can file a lawsuit to receive compensation. In a lawsuit, victims need to show that the Camp Lejeune water caused harm. This means they need to establish a connection between the toxic water at Camp Lejeune and the injury they suffered.

A lawyer will know what kind of evidence is needed. This might include expert witnesses and medical files.

Can victims talk to a lawyer before deciding to work with one?

Action Matters may help those who believe they have a Camp Lejeune claim. The attorney may also answer essential questions so they can feel more confident about filing a claim to receive compensation.

How much can people get from a Camp Lejeune water lawsuit?

The amount of compensation a lawyer will try to get may depend on many factors. These might include how a victim’s pain and suffering could impact their future, current medical needs and financial situation, or lost wages.

However, many people may be hesitant to file lawsuits because of legal fees. They might be concerned that paying for an attorney will add to their financial losses if they lose.

How much will a water lawsuit cost?

Lawyers will not charge any fees upfront. Victims will only have to pay if their attorney succeeds in getting them compensation. The legal costs may be subtracted from the settlement amount or jury award.

Victims also should be aware that any compensation they receive also may be adjusted based on their government benefits. This includes Social Security, retirement, and disability benefits. It also includes Veterans benefits, Medicaid, and other federal benefits.

What else should victims know?

An Action Matters attorney will do everything they can to ensure victims feel confident. Victims also don’t have to work with Action Matters if they don’t want to.

If you want to work with an attorney from Action Matters, you will sign a contract. The lawyer will make sure you understand everything in the contract. They will not hide anything from you. They will also answer your questions.

It’s time to get the justice you and your loved ones deserve.

You could receive compensation for your pain and suffering caused by water contamination at CL. It does not matter how long ago your exposure was.

Thanks to the CLJA, people who suffered because of Camp Lejeune’s contaminated water can get justice. However, you only have a short amount of time to file a claim, so it is best to act as soon as possible.

Action Matters is here to help. File a free claim form today.

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