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By Nisha Williams

Six strategies to find a better job

Have you looked for a new or better job and wondered why no one called you for an interview? Was your resume updated? Did you apply for the right position? Maybe you needed a better job search strategy? Try these simple tips that I have used to land the dream job that you were wishing for.

Setting up a unique profile is one of the most important things to begin your search. I have begun using this one myself. Your profile features a snippet of what you do without going into a lot of detail until the interview. A catchy headline will stand out to employers and could lead them to read further about what you have to offer their company. This is your primary focus. For example, MS office experience, proficiency in correspondence, and excellent communications skills are ideal markers that stand out to employers who are looking for administrative or office support. Three years of paralegal training with executive administrative background stands out great for an attorney or law firm. Be very specific, but not overwhelming.

Make sure your resume is current. If you do not have one, create one. The appearance of your resume is not your focus, such as decorations or fancy lettering. It should have all pertinent information so an employer does not have to ask many obvious questions about you work experience or education background. You want these items elaborated on at the interview. Also, make certain to leave no gaps in your work experience. If you were looking for employment from July 2016- August 2016 include this on your timeline.

Look for qualifying positions that match your skills and profile. The jobs you search for should fit your work experience or education unless the position specifies something different such as no experience or education needed. A carpenter should not be applying for a paralegal position just because she needs a job and has no background in legal services. That application may go to the very back of the pile or in the trash.

Your cover letter should also complement the job you are applying for. You may even have to change the letter up for each position. As a matter of fact, I recommend it. Some positions require a cover letter and some do not. If one is required this is the best time to make a lasting impression without being seen. You want the employer to want to meet you in person.

Keep a log of all the jobs you have applied for. This way you will be able to follow up with them if you have not heard back from anyone in a week or two to see if the position has been filled.

These job searching tips have helped me in the past to obtain new employment and to get better employment. With the employment market tightening, it is imperative that you stand out above the competition. It may be difficult to land a job right now, but putting a good job searching strategy together and seeing it through is one step toward you landing that perfect position you have been waiting for. Keep at it and happy job searching.

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