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Category: Outdoor Living

Durian fruit is a strong smelling, strange looking tropical fruit that has been popular in southeastern Asia for several centuries

Mailboxes were invented in 1858, and had to be emptied frequently, due to the small mail receptacle. In 1915, the

If you love having a garden, but hate weeding said garden, straw bale gardening may well be the solution you're

Philadelphia, known as the city of brotherly love, is a popular stopping place for people passing through Pennsylvania. The city

If you have recently purchased a brand new home, chances are good that you are starting from scratch concerning the

The allure of lavender dates back to ancient times when Romans governed the world. The Romans used it for bathing,

A growing number of people from all walks of life are taking up gardening at their homes. These individuals are

For anyone who's been dreaming about swaying peacefully in an outdoor hammock beneath the starry skies, it's important to consider

There are many factors to think about when deciding what grass type is best for your lawn. There's also a

Summer is the season that most people choose to do outdoor remodeling and landscaping projects. It is warmer and the

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