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By GoddarS

Mailboxes: Improve your home from the outside

Mailboxes were invented in 1858, and had to be emptied frequently, due to the small mail receptacle. In 1915, the most common mailbox – the tunnel style – was invented. The gentleman who invented this mailbox actually worked for the United States Postal Service.

Since the mailbox was first invented, there have been many changes in style and function. Many of the styles you can still see, at least every now and then. Take the 'slot' in a wall or a front door: You do not see this very often anymore, except for on old historical buildings and older homes.

A lot of businesses now have a walk-up mailbox, in which the boxes are mounted directly on the building. Some homeowners also utilize these types of mailboxes. Access to your mail is easier, especially in unpredictable or freezing weather, and mail is less likely to get stolen if the mailbox is mounted by your front door.

The most popular mailbox, though, is the curbside. These are mounted near the street, allowing easier access for the postal carriers. They boast a red flag on the side, so that if you have outgoing mail the postman can take it when he delivers your mail.

In recent years there has been a ton of improvements in mailbox construction. Patented security features have also been added to select styles and brands. Because of the growing risk of vandalism and theft of mail, mailboxes are now made with heavy-duty materials such as composite plastic, heavy-gauge steel and polymer plastics.

Nowadays, extremely creative mailboxes are available for purchase. There are all shapes, sizes and designs that you can choose from. You can purchase a creative mailbox to show your personality, your playful side or to support a favorite team or cause.

Who knew you should put so much thought into the mailbox in front of your house? But there are a wide variety of individuals in this world. We all have different personalities, different styles, likes and dislikes. Every one of us has different tastes, different things we collect, different hobbies, different sports teams we cheer for and different causes we support. Therefore, there is a wide variety of mailboxes to choose from in order to show off our individuality.

When purchasing a mailbox, oddly enough, there are myriad choices to be made. What type of mailbox do you want: walk-up or curbside? If you choose the walk-up mailbox, do you want one that has a lock on it? What style and metal finish do you prefer?

Once you have answered all of those questions, you can start browsing or shopping. You can shop by type: architectural, decorative, cedar craft or novelty, just to name a few. The last step in the process of purchasing a mailbox is to have it installed.

No matter what type of mailbox you are searching for or what questions you have, we are here to help you. Our customer service department is here to make your mailbox buying experience fun. We will give you ideas and suggestions and address any questions or concerns you may have on your mailbox purchase, delivery or installation.

We offer a very large selection of custom mailboxes: everything from column mounted to novelty to decorative. We have curbside, walk up and custom horizontal mailboxes. We also carry locking mailboxes and commercial mailboxes in our inventory. Below are a few suggestions if you want your mailbox to stand out in your neighborhood or if you want to express a little bit of your personality in your own front yard.

  • bird-shaped

  • cat or dog

  • novelty farm animals

  • truck, tractor or car

  • unique fish

  • barn, school or church

Each of these options are cute, unique and fun. Let your custom mailbox give your neighbors a sneak peak into your personality. Whether you are a huge sports fan, a model fire truck collector or an ornithologist, we can get you a mailbox that lets you express your interests.

Our highly trained customer service representatives will find you the perfect custom mailbox. If you are simple or do not have a lot ot spend, we also have a wide variety of mailbox covers. Thousands of designs to choose from will make your mailbox look custom-made. Decorate for each holiday, every season or just to spice up your mailbox. The covers fit most standard tunnel-style mailboxes.

Some people honestly do not care what their mailbox looks like. They are content with the standard, black tunnel style with the red flag on the side. As long as they can receive and send their mail, they are content with the ordinary. There are also those that choose to be more professional or conservative with their mailboxes. They choose something that matches or accents their estate or property. Something simple, yet sophisticated.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have those who want to have a super-creative mailbox. The ones who like to stand out, who are not afraid to show a little of their personality or fun side. People who like to make a bold statement or just be "different." No matter what your preference or style, you are sure to find a creative mailbox that suits your personality, your taste and the overall look of your home and yard.

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