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By Rhiannon Wilson

Solar lighting for your outdoor space

Summer is the season that most people choose to do outdoor remodeling and landscaping projects. It is warmer and the days are longer, which are both needed for productivity. One of the finishing touches, outdoor lighting, can be a huge decision – one that requires you to weigh the pros and cons. It is important to consider the ease of installation, the operating cost and safety and availability factors.

Solar lighting may be the one option that you are least familiar with, but could yield the best results. Let's look at the pros and cons of this particular light source.



Installing solar lighting outdoors is much easier than electric lighting for many reasons. One example is that there are far fewer wires involved in solar power. It does not require you to hook up to a grid and risk electrocution. Consequently, there is no need to worry about power outages affecting your solar lighting.

Solar lights are also generally sold as a single unit. Meaning, you can stake it in the ground, hang it on something or attach it to a pole and boom! Let there be light! Electric lighting is much more involved than that. You may have to bury wires, which could potentially be dangerous for someone digging in the garden later.

Operating Cost

The operating cost of solar power is the best – free! Once you purchase the units and install, there is no cost whatsoever. The sun shines for several hours nearly every day, providing you with free power. Most solar lights are intended for long-term use, so there is no maintenance required. The solar lights almost pay for themselves in the long run.


Safety is always an important aspect to any decision being made, especially if children could be involved. A great thing about solar lighting is that it does not run hot the way that electric bulbs do. If anyone were to touch it, they would not sustain any injuries.

It is also a lot safer to provide ample lighting in the dark. Lighting can prevent folks from potentially tripping or stumbling over an unseen obstacle. It also exposes any nocturnal critters, like, snakes that light to soak up the warmth from concrete walkways overnight.


As solar lighting rises in popularity, so does the availability of the product. There are many places where you can purchase solar lighting. You may choose to shop locally, but there is an even better selection online. Being able to shop at any time of the day makes solar lighting even more convenient of a choice.


Although the list is short, there may be a few potential cons. For example, the upfront price may seem unmanageable. I encourage you to look at the big picture and realize that the energy portion is free compared to other lighting sources. The government also gives tax breaks and rebates for switching to solar power. This is a great option to look into when selecting your outdoor lights.

So, if you are looking into the best way to light up your yard, whether it is pathways, decorative lighting or even flood lights, solar lighting may be the best choice for you. It hits the mark for safety, availability, operating cost and ease of installation.

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