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By Christian Wilson

A united America is a strong America

It is easy to put one another down while things are spiraling out of control. In today's society it is more popular to belittle and degrade one's neighbor than to uplift them. This has even made its way into our politics. As America ventures into its first year with President Trump we remain more negative than ever. Negativity drains on this nation like cancer drains the life from a body. Being divided and working through our differences as one country is something that has made America so great since our inception. Everyone is free to believe and think however they choose but that has never been a hindrance to our government like it is now. Diversity is not a fault of America, it is a strength, but when the division is so strong that people refuse to work together then it all begins to fall apart. Today's politics are revolving more than ever around the idea of "this is who I am and if you oppose me then you are wrong." The days of One America seem to be over. The country is split in two, Left America and Right America, with a vast valley stretching from one side to the other. The President and the White House are no exception to this. President Trump has continually attacked the media and anybody opposing him just as they have attacked him and his plans for this country. The politics our country takes part in are not the politics that the founders envisioned for America's future. Politicians and citizens alike are full of negative rhetoric on both sides of the aisle while little is happening to move our country forward.

Just as a house divided cannot stand neither can a country. A house with a fractured foundation may be able to withstand the blows from Mother Nature, but sooner or later the house will crumble from the inside. This nation's foundation is fractured, and if not repaired it may soon fall. If the foundation of America is not cemented together then it will surely perish — not from attacks from enemies but from attacks within itself. It will crumble and fall apart from deep within. While the division from inside the country has led it closer to destruction it has also led to a negative perception by the rest of the world. America is seen as weak. This weakness comes mostly from the internal workings. The citizens and people of the government have a direct effect on the way America is viewed throughout the world. People are so busy fighting against the people across the aisle that they have almost lost the power to fight those outside of America's borders. America needs a change of attitude and it needs it fast.

If the people of America would unite and find a way to work together to fix the issues that they face, then they could once again rise to be the most powerful nation in the world. That is but a dream unless the people of this country decide to make a change. The United States of America is strongest when it is exactly that, united. This country may be slowly spiraling out of control but the people must make the right choice, not the easy one. They must support and uplift one another. That is the only way to make a stronger America.

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