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By Christian B. Wilson

America's reaction to President Trump

The United States of America has one of the largest economies in the world. With an economy so massive some might believe that it is always thriving. To the frustration of many proud Americans the economy has not been as thriving as they might have wished for. The DOW plummeted in 2008, sending the economy into a recession that hit Americans hard. Luckily for America, those times are gone and a new age of economic prosperity has arrived.

The DOW Jones Industrial Average

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the average of 30 large publicly owned companies and how they traded through a certain time period. The DOW was created in 1896. It was created to give an average of the stock market at a given time. Through the years since its inception the DOW has had some ups and downs which accurately represented the state of the economy. In 2008 the DOW hit the lowest we've seen since 1995. The DOW sat at 6,954.44, which accurately represented the state of the economy during the recession. Since then we have seen a consistent rise.

The election of Donald J. Trump

November 8, 2016, was the day that the American people decided that they wanted a President Trump instead of another President Clinton. Many threw around the idea of a stock market plummet if Trump was elected. Luckily for the American people the opposite happened. From November 8th to the 9th there was a rise of 256.95 points, which by no means is a miracle leap. A jump of this size did not show that Trump would magically fix the economy just by being elected, but it did show that there was not going to be a stock market disaster due to the election of Donald Trump. It disproved the nay-sayers about Trump and the stock market.

President Trump's address to a joint session of Congress

At the joint session of Congress, President Trump touched on many issues that America is facing. From illegal immigration and terrorism to tax reform and repealing the Affordable Care Act, President Trump covered just about everything that the American people could be worried about. The President obviously struck a chord with the American people because the DOW flew to the highest it has ever been. The joint session of Congress was February 28 and the very next day, March 1, the DOW hit an impressive 21,115.55. The growth as a result of the speech was not the impressive part. It only grew by 303.31 points. The impressive part is that it has never hit that total mark before. From election day to the record high, the DOW grew by 2,782.81 points. This type of growth shows the positive path that America's economy is on, directly resulting from President Trump's goals for this country.

America's reaction to President Trump

America's economy is on the upswing after this election cycle. Although this has been a divisive few years for politics, there seems to be hope for the American people. Not only have they elected a new president but it seems they have elected one that has re-energized the economy without even releasing his tax reform yet. With rises in the DOW in the past months, and with it reaching a record high, it is safe to say that this country and this economy have reacted positively to the new leader of the free world.

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