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By Scott Henderson

Vegeta’s role in Dragon ball super tournament of power conclusion

Vegeta has lost some spotlight in the tournament of power, going so far as to call it out in the show. Toppo said he was the “second fiddle”, and he is really filling that role. Vegeta Ultra Instinct got him the most K.O.’s, but also left him with the most to lose. He’s taking a back seat to Goku once again. As a warning, there are spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to be spoiled please stop reading now.

Vegeta Ultra Instinct – SPOILERS AHEAD

Episode 122 will be Vegeta’s time to shine. He will be placing his pride on the line to face the strongest fighter left, and as we all know, Jerin holds that title. This means our boy is going to square off against a fighter that he watched T.K.O. Goku. He must have something up his sleeve if he saw that and thinks he has a chance. I, for one, think he has unlocked the other side of ‘Ultra Instinct”. Let me explain:

Goku has unlocked the ability to move his body without thinking to dodge almost any attack. The downfall is his attack, he has to think about when and where to hit his opponent, significantly dropping the power of his attack. In the fight against Kefla, he landed point-plank attacks on her, even the air punch from across the arena (I cant lie, that attack was awesome.), but it was not enough to do any real damage. He was able to focus on using his kamehameha while letting his body dodge without thinking, and ultimatly defeated her in one of the best kamehameha’s of the series. Yet Goku knows he only has one piece of the puzzle, and is searching for the other.

That is where Vegeta comes in. He alone holds the key to the other side. He has been training his body to attack for his entire life. Nothing Vegeta did was ever about defending his body from damage, quite the opposite in fact. He takes damage but deals it out tenfold. From his first introduction we see flashbacks of him, as young as Gohan at the beginning of dragon ball z, taking on hordes of seimen with relative ease. His training in the gravity room at Bulmas is even tailored to his attack mentality.

Approaching The Big Ki

He used to play games by shooting ki blast at them and dodging until he eventually takes the blast full on. Now, he has multiple ki blasts going all around as he goes in to his a specific ‘pressure point’ that turns them off. Not destroying things like he used to, but calmly disarming them. Even his second re-emergence from the time chamber at kame’s place shows a different composed Vegeta. I think he has unlocked the attack side of this ‘ultra instinct’. He will face Jiren, and start to pummel him. His attacks will be fierce and to the point, but he will be vulnerable to attack and possibly counters. I really hope that what I am about to say doesn’t happen, but Jiren will most likely K.O. Vegeta.

Vegeta will overcompensate is new found ability, and wont take it easy like Goku did against Kefla. He has been doing it since the series began and I don’t think it will stop here in dragon ball super. Vegeta will serve his purpose, in showing Goku what the other half looks like. With Vegeta going and with the recent loss of Piccolo, Universe 7 will be in some danger with just Goku, Gohan, the androids, and Frieza left. Gohan/ Goku fusion for the win? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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