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By Patton Hunnicutt

Five Ways To Expand Your Circle On Social Media

Expanding your circle on social media should not be a challenge, but it can be difficult for many people who are new to the platforms they use. You may have used something like Facebook for some time, but you need to step outside your comfort zone to expand your sphere of influence in other places. There are many social media platforms you may use, and you will find that the social media sites you try will be much more helpful if you plan to use them to make friends, colleagues and acquaintances.


You must give Twitter a try because this platform allows you to speak your mind in just a few characters. There is a direct message feature that allows you to reach out to people in private, and there are many people who have fulfilling and deep conversations through tweets. Do not be afraid to try to make a friend in 280 characters.


Instagram is a wonderful way for you to meet people because they are posting their pictures and commentary every day. You may respond to what they post, and you may send them direct messages that turn into full-blown conversations. Instagram is a place to have a full conversation in their ingenuous messaging system, and you will notice that you have made many friends on whom you may heap praise every day.


Tumblr is the best place to meet people because there is a constant and random sequence of posts that people find and reblog. This platform is a very safe place for you to talk about the things you love, and you will meet people who love the same things you do. You will learn that many of the people on this platform live near you, think like you, and may become your best friends. It is a place to blow off steam, or you may launch your career in a place like this.


LinkedIn is the place that people come to to find employees, meet colleagues, and network. You will get to know quite a few people through this platform, and you will learn that they all have a place for you to work or receive assistance. This is the perfect little black book for all people who work in business. You will make more friends, and it will be easy to get close to people in the highest positions of any company.

Facebook For Business

Facebook is a very good thing to use for your business as you may create a business page that will match up with the company you run. You can market your company through the Facebook app, and you will give all your customers information, a place to communicate with you, and a way for you to resolve custom complaints easily.

Social media will change your perspective on how you manage your business. You will reach out to your customers, make new friends, and build a portfolio all in a place that exists in cyberspace. Each step you take will make your life a bit more fulfilling.

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