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By Tessy S.

Three methods that increase B2B sales lead generation

Many savvy marketers know that in order to truly be effective one must diversify and maximize all possible avenues of generating sales leads. Figuratively speaking, it's a lot like a football or basketball coach having only one play in their playbook — they're just not going to be very successful. It is important to keep an open mind when applying B2B marketing strategies and allow room for learning from experience.

Basically, the aim of any type of marketing is to try to get more for less. Here are three tested methods to help marketers increase B2B sales leads:

1) Create trusted valuable relationships – When building relationships it is important to have a long-term mindset rather than being short-sighted. By providing value and trust in your relationships with prospects, you're earning long-term customers and not just the one-time satisfaction of an immediate transaction. Constantly following up and keeping open different streams of ongoing communication with your prospects helps improve sales lead generation.

You have to ensure that services you are marketing to your customers are genuine, quality and original. Your customers will respect and trust you more if you provide them with quality services. And you stand a better chance of their recommending you to their friends and other people in need of the services you offer. If you're in for some quick bucks and market bad services, you can say goodbye to most of your customers. No one wants to patronize a shady marketer.

2) Inquire about possible complementary partner referrals – Working together with an already established partner can instantly help generate your sales lead pool by making you more able to engage companies wanting to do business with you. Networking is very important in building and strengthening partnerships and business relationships.

Learn to make a good first impression, and always make sure to carry your business cards and to request business cards from prospects. It is important you make a connection and secure a means to follow up. Like they say, your network is your net worth. The more people who know about your quality line of services, the better for you and your reputation in terms of referrals.

3) Find more avenues of exposure – search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing strategies – At its core, networking is about meeting like-minded people and obtaining maximum exposure for yourself or whatever cause you're trying to market. With the digital world of social media, businesspeople now have the ability to do this without having to leave their offices. Strong Twitter, YouTube and even Facebook profiles can help increase leads. Studies suggest that 90% of business buyers begin with doing research online. It is imperative to have effective SEO strategies in your sales lead generation program.

So for all marketers who want to grow and do better, it is wise to maximize every possible means to increase sales. It goes without saying that legal and genuine means should be used to achieve this. Also, stay connected to your customers and build your network.

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