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By Ashlie McDiarmid

Eat your way to shiny hair

A healthy diet is a necessity for a healthy life. Balanced nutrition allows the body to function properly, and keeps illnesses and stress away. Nutrients act like oil for a machine, keeping all the parts moving and working together. Just like any other part of the body, hair needs nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy and strong. Eating certain foods can help make dull and lifeless hair shiny and healthy.

There is no need to get on some expensive, trendy diet, or throw away all your current hair-care products. Simply eating foods high in vitamin C and E, and foods that have potassium, protein or omega-3 fatty acids, will help make hair glow. The best part is that many of these foods can also be turned into homemade hair masks and treatments. Eating good food is not the only way to make hair shine.

Upgrading the pantry

If hair is dull and brittle, eating different foods can help put nutrients into the body, including the hair. Walnuts pack a high-quality punch. They have omega-3 fatty acids, which the body cannot produce on its own, and vitamin E. They help boost both health and shine in hair and skin. Walnuts are a great on-the-go snack, and top off salads well. Almonds are another great choice. They have manganese and selenium, which help the hair maintain the shine it already has.

Salmon is another great food for giving some love to hair. It is also high in fatty acids found in omega-3s. Since the body needs this supplement of fatty acids, salmon is a great way to get those nutrients in. There are thousands of recipes to make a tasty salmon meal.

Relatively new to the food game is the chia seed. Chia seeds are versatile and can be found in many natural grocery stores. They can be in drinks, smoothies and puddings and can be used as an egg substitute for vegans. Chia seeds are loaded with proteins, omega-3s and iron. They may be on the pricier side, but they have many different uses.

DIY hair masks

The foods mentioned above are some of the many foods that will help restore health and add shine to hair just by eating them. But certain things can also help by applying them directly to your hair. Avocados, honey, bananas, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil and even mayonnaise can be used to make a hair mask. This is great way to get salon-quality hair without the expense of a going to a hair salon.

There are numerous websites with instructions on how to make hair masks. Simply rub in one or more of these hair conditioners, let sit, shampoo and rinse for gorgeous hair that shines.

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