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By Brittany Naquin

10 ways to make employees feel appreciated

Having employees feel valued should always be a top priority. When people feel appreciated, they usually will want to stay with that company. How many times do people complain about a company that appreciates them too much? Not many!

Everyone is different; therefore, making everyone feel valued and appreciated can definitely be a challenge. Hopefully these suggestions will help!

  • Say "thank you!"
    • This is probably the most simple way of showing appreciation to an employee. A lot of people forget to express thanks, but doing so goes further than you might realize. It is simple, sweet and to the point. Two words can go a long way!
  • Write a thank-you note.
    • Again with the simplest words! A short note explaining why an employer is grateful can be effective. This is a little more personal and can make the employee feel valued.
  • Implement "casual Fridays."
    • If an office can allow it, a simple way to show appreciation is letting employees dress down a little on a Friday. This could mean allowing employees to wear jeans or their favorite t-shirt.
  • Start "Employee of the Month."
    • Allowing the employee with the best performance for the month to be spotlighted can definitely make someone feel valued. With this an employer has a few extra options for rewards, like a special parking spot.
  • Award a gift card to an employee at random.
    • Putting all of the employee names in a bowl and choosing one to award a gift card to could create some appreciative feelings. This can be a small gift card for $5 or, if an office can allow it, $25!
  • Hire an office massage therapist.
    • Plenty of people would feel appreciated if they could receive a free massage during work hours. This can also have some health benefits. What a win-win!
  • Have a yearly picnic or softball/basketball/sport game.
    • This is a fun way to get employees and their families to come together and spend quality time together. Not only will employees feel valued, but they will have more chances of bonding, which will help when working!
  • Send an email blast.
    • This is a small and almost effortless way to show appreciation. An employer can send a short email explaining how impressed they are with all the hard work the employees are doing. This can take all of five minutes and generate a lot of great feelings with the employees.
  • Host themed days, like Bring Your Kid to Work Day.
    • This one can be very fun (just make sure it's organized!). Allowing employees to bring their kids or their furry ones to the office is a fun way to create some buzz in the office.
  • Create an "appreciation jar."
    • Employers and employees can participate in this one. Allow everyone to write small moments they appreciated on a piece of paper and drop it into the jar. At the end of the week, delegate someone to read a few out loud.

Making employees feel appreciated and valued is very important. Small gestures could go a long way and help create loyal, happy and healthy employees within the company!

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