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By Mahasin

The importance of parental involvement in a child’s education

Research has shown that when parents become involved in their child’s education, the child excels academically. Parental involvement has a lasting positive impact on educational progress. Here are a few helpful tips on the best ways for parents to get involved with their child’s education.

Become a volunteer

It is highly recommended that parents become members of the PTA. There’s no better way to find out what’s going on inside your child’s school. Volunteering and regularly attending fundraisers are great ways to stay informed. Doing something as simple as being present at the school can be a great way to communicate to the staff and the child that you consider their education important.

Check the child’s backpack

Check the child’s backpack on a daily basis. Carefully read the information that the school sends home. Schools normally send home materials for the parents advising them of certain curriculum that the teacher will be covering for that semester. In addition, speaking with other parents will also help. Often, one parent may have more information than another.

Identify the child’s learning style

Don’t just show up at the school functions and help with homework. Talk with the child and find out if they are truly learning and comprehending what the educators are teaching them. No matter the age or gender, every student learns differently. School curriculum that may be described as “straight-across-the-board curriculum” will most likely leave the child confused and unable to keep up. If this is the case, take time to discover what they are being taught and monitor the child’s learning style in order to work with them on their level more closely at home. That way when the child returns to class, it is easier to keep up with peers and not fall behind.

Make learning fun

Purchasing or making your own flashcards or making up a game out of any particular lesson plan would certainly assist the child with staying on task and retaining information. Maybe when the family is out in the car and possibly stuck in traffic, you could invent a game using the surrounding areas to help with materials that the child may be learning in school.

Consistency is key to academic success

Maintaining an organized household will contribute to a child’s ability to stay on task. Having dinner at the same time every evening will help both the parent and the child to maintain a regular one-on-one time when reviewing and discussing school material. Designating a specific time for chores is also important, as it should not interrupt the time allotted for schoolwork.

It is very critical that parents remain involved in their child’s education. It’s important to their developmental growth and gives the child more confidence and self esteem.

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