How to pair wine and chocolate


Wine and chocolate are two of the most popular gift items that people purchase for consumption. However, many people are unaware of how well both of these yummy treats go together. When you consider the many types of wine and chocolate, it is easy to see that there are perfect pairings to consider. After all, there is a large variation in flavor and taste among both wine and chocolate.

Types of chocolate and their flavors

Understanding the different flavors that you commonly find with chocolate is key to understanding how well different wine types complement them. White chocolate has a sweet, smooth flavor that often seems somewhat creamy. Milk chocolate is one of the sweetest options by far, and often requires something to counter the sweetness. Both dark and bittersweet chocolate have stronger, more bitter flavors.

Chardonnay and Moscato pairings

Both of these wines have fruity flavors that are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. If you want to take full advantage of the fruity flavor, consider white chocolate. If you’re a fan of chocolate that features nuts, chardonnay is a good choice, especially because of its acidic nature. Many chocolate candies that use peanut butter have unique flavors that these fruit wines draw out quite nicely.


Both ruby and tawny port have light flavors that go well with milk chocolate, providing a good contrast to the higher sugar content. Because of the lighter flavors, you won’t have to worry about the wine’s flavor drowning out the sweet flavor of the chocolate. When you choose these types of wine that are not too concentrated, they can help enhance even the flavor of less expensive chocolate.

Sherry or Madeira

Many people regard sherry as the perfect dessert wine, and Madeira is fortified, giving it a unique flavor that makes it easy to pair with many types of sweets. Some of the most popular types of premium candy include caramel and butterscotch, which add unique dimensions to the overall flavor. When you’re choosing one of these types of wine to go with your chocolate, consider dark cherry or plum flavors for a delicious experience.

Merlot or Malbec

Rich, red wines add a lot to tasty chocolate. Both of these are good options for butterscotch and caramel chocolate candies if you’re looking for non-fortified options. Chewier chocolate candies pair very nicely with rich-tasting red varieties. You can also pair these wines with many of the more common milk chocolate varieties.

Pinot noir

Many people find this variety of wine a fitting addition to dark chocolate. The wine’s flavors somewhat counteract the slightly bitter flavor that comes with dark chocolate. For dark chocolates that include mint filling, this type of wine offers a perfect complement to the candies’ overall flavor.

Putting it all together

When you’re enjoying both wine and chocolate, give yourself time to savor everything. The whole experience will be somewhat lessened if you rush through either drinking the wine or sampling the chocolate. When you enjoy this experience with friends, it will be even more exciting.


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