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By C. Gajewski

Finding your favorite beer glass

For some people, nothing beats the taste of an icy cold beer, straight from the bottle. They love the cool glass bottle, with a shape perfectly suited for their hand. The bottle is convenient, economical, and simple to the core. However, many beer drinkers have discovered that forgoing the bottle or can, and pouring the beer into another vessel for consumption, dramatically improves their beer drinking experience. Not only is the drinker able to see the beer they’re about to consume, but by pouring it into a glass the drinker is able to experience the true aroma of the beer. Just as we eat with our eyes, we also drink with our sense of smell. By opening up the beer and pouring it into a glass, the beer drinker is opening their nose to the complex aromas and flavors associated with the brew.

With the dramatic rise in popularity of specialty and craft beers, choosing the right glass can seem a bit overwhelming. However, with a little knowledge and some trial and error, you’ll soon be well on your way to finding the best glass for your favorite beer.

Pint glass

What beer drinker doesn’t have a collection of pint glasses in their cupboard? Pint glasses are by far the most common type available in the United States. Found in your favorite bar or restaurant, the pint glass is a great one to start with. This simple glass has a cylindrical shape with a tapered mouth and typically holds between 16 and 20 ounces of beer. It’s a popular choice because of its availability, durability and ease of clean-up.

Pilsner glass

Another popular kind of beer glassware is the pilsner glass. This tall, thin, tapered glass is best suited for lighter beers, such as the pilsner, its namesake. Usually smaller than a pint glass, this versatile glass holds anywhere from 10 to 16 ounces. The shape and size allow it to hold the foam of the beer, also known as the “head.” The shape also helps the drinker experience the distinct aromas of the brew, allowing the true flavor to shine through.

Beer mug

Beer mugs are yet another popular choice for beer drinkers. Made popular in pop culture, through television shows and commercials, the beer mug is truly a timeless classic. It is commonly found in the UK, Germany and the United States, and is crafted from thick glass with a strong handle. It’s a sturdy, durable glass, perfect for toasting. Because they’re created from such thick glass, beer mugs are also perfect for stashing in the freezer, providing a perfectly frosty chilled beverage every time. Beer mugs can hold plenty of beer, with the most common sizes being between 10 and 20 ounces.

Flute glass

Very similar in size and shape to a champagne flute, flute glasses are perfect for Belgian and fruit beers. The shape of the vessel allows the drinker to truly experience the carbonation, as well as the full aroma and flavor of the brew.

As you can see, there are many choices of glasses available for the beer drinker! Although it may seem easier to just drink your favorite brew straight from the bottle, remember that you can only truly experience the flavors and aromas of a brew from a proper glass.

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