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By ReebokPrince

Movies and TV shows that should not have had remakes or sequels

There are movies out there that are very good. There are movies out there that are not good. In the mid-1990s, movie watchers started seeing a rise in more sequels. The most famous movie from the 1980s to have several sequels is "Friday The 13th." This franchise should have stopped at three movies, but instead, there are 12.


The "Terminator" movies should have stopped at three. There is a twist to this series of movies. James Cameron only directed the first two "Terminator" movies. The other movies from the franchise did not do well at all.

The movie that did do well was "Terminator Genisys." Cameron had a positive thing to say about "Genisys." He said that this movie really should have been "Terminator 3." It goes back in time to the first movie. When you watch this movie, you do see elements of the first and second movie. There are two more "Terminator" movies that will be made.

"Nightmare On Elm Street"

The Freddy Kruger movies should have stopped after three, but there are nine "Nightmare On Elm Street" movies. Three is kind of a magic number when it comes to sequels. You can only stretch a movie storyline so far.

"Dukes Of Hazzard"

There is a movie that was made from the television series "Dukes Of Hazzard." The movie was almost not based on the show. The only character from the movie that had a close match to the series was the General Lee car. The raised white lettering on the wheels was the only difference to the car in the series.

"Knight Rider 2000"

" Knight Rider 2000" was a made-for-television movie that should not have been made. The famous black 1983 Trans Am is not seen in the movie except in a short flashback scene. The were no car jumps or real car stunts that people were used to seeing from the series. It was as if the movie was quickly thrown together.

"The Flash"

There are a lot of show remakes these days. If a show is becoming a remake, the most important thing is not to take out any elements that the original laid down. If any of the foundational elements are taken away from the first, it usually will not work. "The Flash" series is holding up.

"Cop Rock"

It has lasted three seasons so far. The first series was just way ahead of its time. The first on lasted one season. The show that was called "Cop Rock" was a show that featured actors breaking into song during each episode.

This was a police drama. There is a chance that if a remake of this series came out, it might have a better chance of surviving more than 11 episodes. It is somewhat of a cult classic. It could be looked at as ahead of its time.


The "MacGyver" series is on that should not have had a remake. There are loyal fans of the original that may not accept someone else playing a part so connected to Richard Dean Anderson. You can almost call it typecasting of actors who cemented themselves to the famous characters they made infamous.

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