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By Anastasia Stubblefield

How to keep yourself motivated and finish college successfully

The thought of going to college for at least four years can at first be exciting, but that excitement can turn into discouragement pretty quickly. The fact that this process will take at least four years will enforce a routine that will seem unending. This routine can bring discouragement and in the end prevent you from finishing this season of your life well. In order to make sure that the discouragement does not make your college experience miserable and ensure that you complete college, here are four ways you can keep yourself motivated and finish college successfully.

Keep a planner

By keeping a planner, you are able to stay organized and know exactly the amount of work you need to complete that week. Staying organized will encourage you to keep up on your assignments and not miss anything you have been assigned. Knowing how much work you need to complete daily will help you know when would be a good time to go out for a movie or keep everything scheduled to where you are not overwhelmed with a load of work in one day.

Have a life outside of college

Making school your life can become discouraging and make you want to quit, so having other distractions can be beneficial. The fact that college will take you at least four years to complete in itself can cause boredom and frustration. The unending pattern of assignments and professors will cause you to desire some sort of change in your life and ultimately make you want to quit. Encouraging other areas of life to blossom can be of benefit because it can distract you from the unending pattern of college and help the years pass quickly.

Work on assignments when you are motivated

You will experience days when you are excited about completing certain assignment and days when you can't stand them. During those times when you want to complete some homework, go for it. It will make the process less daunting and during those times when you despise college, you will have the luxury of lying back and relaxing since you have gotten a huge chunk done beforehand.

Reward yourself

By rewarding yourself, you will find yourself more motivated to go to college and do well in college. Rewarding yourself can range from small things such as a movie after a few hours of homework, to a treat at a local café, to a planned vacation once you are on break. These rewards will depend on your resources such as money. If you have the money, don't be afraid to use some on something nice. Finishing college will be worth the little money you spent on something nice in the process.

College is a new and exciting experience but just like with every other new exciting thing, the thrill will pass and you will be left with years of a repetitive pattern that involves assignments, exams and professors. The years of college can become daunting but with these four techniques, you can find motivation and in the end, success in college.

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