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By Anastasia Stubblefield

4 perks in getting married early

Getting married is a big deal, and we can gain this picture from the fact that marriage means staying together for life, the promises exchanged during the ceremony, the fear of if you have found the one and even by seeing the money that goes into planning a wedding.

So, it is understandable to why many fear making this decision in their lives and very often may wish to wait before exchanging "I do's." On the other hand, if you are like me and have decided to take this step sooner than later, I can tell you that after a year of marriage, being a wife at 20 to a husband who is 22 has its perks.

In this article, I am presenting you with four perks in getting married sooner rather than later.

Early challenges may give root to depth

Being young and married means you may face challenges such as finishing your education, making a living and having a low income as a couple, rather than individually. As a couple, you have each other during these times and can offer encouragement to one another through such seasons and be of comfort to each other during the challenges.

These challenges can encourage a growth between you two which can ultimately lead to a depth in a marriage that might not be achieved any other way.

Young marriage encourages growth and maturity

Growth and maturity present themselves through the process of marriage. Marriage entails patience, sacrifice, responsibility for your choices and selflessness.

These qualities, which manifest themselves by being married, can give root to maturity and individual growth. They can prepare you for the real world by training you to be a mature adult in everyday tasks such as daily choices, workplace or/and society. Getting married young will encourage these qualities sooner pushing your success in the real world to come faster.

Getting married early can minimize baggage

Getting married young can bring with itself light sexual and/or emotional baggage since you have not lived long enough to have gone through many sexual partners and/or relationships.

This can be a benefit by the fact that there is less hurt that the partners can experience and you have the opportunity to enjoy each other sexually and emotionally without many past experiences to unravel.

You are equipped with more energy

Being young and married, you have more energy for one another and for raising children if you choose to have them. Having more energy will allow you to keep up with your spouse, the everyday tasks of being married and your young children without getting tired so quickly. This can be of benefit to you, because you will be able to finish necessary life tasks while you are younger and be left with more relaxed tasks in the future.

Getting married early is not a decision that everyone chooses to make because it can come with its challenges. But, if you are someone who has decided on this big step, keep in mind that even though you might have heard of the challenges, there are definitely positives to exchanging vows early on in life.

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