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By Calyn Wooten

Five ways to self-improve yourself – for yourself

Everyone dreams of a better them. Whether it be obtaining a new job or degree, eating better or even just trying to limit screen time, everyone wants to be an improved version of themselves. Many people do not know where to begin, or where to "go" with their "oh-so-seemingly-impossible" dreams. Below is a five-item short list of how to begin, each of which you can begin to do immediately. So why not achieve whatever it is you have in mind? Here are five ways to start the process NOW.

1. Change your thoughts

Mindset is the key to change. Changing your thoughts to "I KNOW I can" instead of "well, maybe…" or "perhaps I'll start tomorrow…" is the most important step in changing your habits, lifestyle or focus. Stay positive in what you want to achieve, and know it is always possible with effort.

2. Make goals

Set specific goals. Realistic goals, at that. You may want to keep the big picture in mind, of course, but make smaller goals that are achievable leading up to your main goal. It will help keep everything in perspective, without making you lose sight of the finish line and become overwhelmed. Be sure to reward yourself for your accomplishments along the way. Every step – even a baby step – is still a step closer to achieving your goal!

3. Write it down

Writing down your goals, to-dos and projects not only helps keep you focused but also increases your odds of success. Write them somewhere you will see them daily (e.g., your calendar, your phone, a sticky note on the fridge, maybe even on your bathroom mirror?). Wherever you know you will see them and be positively reminded, post them.

4. Stay positive

The moment you start to doubt yourself is the moment your progress will start to fade. If you cannot believe you can do it, how do you expect to achieve it? Only you can do it, and you should know you can do it. Be sure to know it is achievable, and you will thank yourself in the end. Like Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or you think you can't – you're always right.

5. It takes time

Everything worth having takes time and hard work. Most big, life-changing tasks do not happen overnight. This is why you should make sub-goals. The sub-goals will keep you occupied as you work your way towards the single large goal. With the right amount of patience and persistence, you will achieve your goals and dreams.

The five ways to get a jump start on gaining that new you is changing your thoughts to knowing you can achieve it, creating doable sub-goals to help break down the overall achievement, writing them down where you can be reminded of what is important to you daily, staying positive that your goal can be achieved, and knowing that the time and effort it takes will be worth it. Positivity, patience, and persistence is all it takes for a life-changing experience you can achieve completely by yourself.

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