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How to safely set up mole traps

Moles are pesky little creatures that can wreak havoc on even the most well-manicured lawn. It is important to catch a mole when you first see it to minimize the trouble it will cause. There are several different ways you can go about doing this.

a spider net

Set a mole trap

First, you can set a mole trap. There are two main types of traps: spring-loaded and spike-style. All reputable traps come with directions on how to open the trap and ready it for trapping. Once you have read the directions and prepared the trap, you will want to find out where the mole is tunneling and dig a 4- or 5- inch section to place the trap.

Regardless of which type of trap you choose, it is very important that you wear gloves when handling the trap. Moles have a very keen sense of smell, and it is necessary to keep the scent of humans to a minimum if you want to catch the mole. Gloves also protect your fingers as you set the trap. Make sure your hands and gloves are dry so the trap does not accidentally slip as you set it up. Closing the trap on your own hands will likely be quite painful.

When selecting a location to place a mole trap, it is important to consider the safety of pets and children. If you have pets that like to dig, consider placing the trap in a location outside of the pet’s reach. If this is not an option, consider keeping the pet indoors or in another area until the mole can be caught. Also, keep children away from the area while a trap is set.


Use chewing gum to kill moles

If you do not want to set a mole trap, here is another method for catching a mole. This method was passed down from an old farmer. Remember, moles have a keen sense of smell. Next time you are at the store, pick up a package or two of Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Do not attempt to buy another flavor or a store brand. This only works with Juicy Fruit. Unwrap the gum and place the stick of gum in the tunnel or holes you can see. That’s it! The mole will find those sticks of gum, eat the gum, and then die. The gum wreaks havoc on the mole’s bodily systems, leading to a quick death. This is much safer than setting a trap, as there are fewer concerns about pinching your fingers or having a child accidentally stumble upon a trap. Will it work? The old farmer swears by this method, and chewing gum is not very expensive. It is certainly worth a try.

Hire an exterminator

Finally, if you do not want to try any of these methods, you can hire an exterminator to rid your area of moles. However, this is the most costly option, which I would recommend as an absolute last ditch effort at saving your green space.

Once you catch the mole, you can celebrate your victory!

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