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By Dante Martin

Remove the expiration date from your marriage

The number of failed marriages is increasing at a scary rate. This needs to change. There is no reason for this startling reality to continue to be the rule. However, statistics show that over 50 percent of first-time marriages end in divorce. Examine some helpful suggestions that may help your marriage beat the odds.

Be honest

There are a couple of people in the relationship. Both need to be honest in order to be happy. Before the brutality of the tongue begins, silently examine yourself. Take off all of the make-up. Realize within why marriage was ever your desire. Maybe, you did not know. Now is the time to come to terms with the true cause.

Also, be honest with your spouse. It is OK to have an opinion. When asked a question, be honest rather than keeping quiet and possibly having anger and resentment grow inside. If your spouse loves you, they will hear you and respect your honesty.


No matter how long a couple has been together, they cannot read each others' minds. Talk to one another. No relationship will ever work without communication. Learn how to communicate.

Most couples do not know this, but they do not know how to communicate. The most important aspect is often done poorly…listening. Learn to listen more. Learn to listen with the right intentions. Don't just sit there and nod rhythmically – engage with the conversation from the beginning to the end.


This is a hard one. Few people forgive easily, but to have a lasting relationship, you must. Try to think about the other person and their feelings. No one is perfect – not even you. Give your spouse a chance.

Forgive for peace of mind. It has been stated numerous times and in numerous ways, forgive for you. Holding on to pain will make you sick and miserable. Let bad memories go.

Do not judge

Some marriages are doomed before "I do." This is because the couples are taking notes on how to fix each other. Your spouse is not broken. Your spouse is not strange – maybe just a little different from normal. So, examine different and normal.

Different is not right nor is it wrong. Different is just different. Who cares if your spouse cracks eggs directly in a bowl or onto a skillet? As long as the eggs scramble deliciously, the goal was accomplished. Many couples have a problem accepting this. They therefore have a problem accepting their spouse.

Rather than judge a behavior, see it as a unique new way to approach things.

Grow and allow your partner grow

Face it, without change life gets boring. Encourage change in your partner and open yourself to change. Explore new things both separately and together. Do not fear change.

It is unrealistic to think that total fulfilment comes solely from you. That is also a heavy burden to carry. Having to be the sole support for one person will become overbearing. Instead, find hobbies and live dreams out together. These new experiences give more avenues for intimate discussion, which will translate to quality time.

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