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By Michael Morris

How to perform a successful online survey

Surveys are used as an avenue for collecting public opinion on different aspects ranging from social, political as well as economic analysis. The existence of surveys can be traced as far back as the 18th century, when surveys were used to get opinions mostly on political views. Carrying out an analysis on each and every item or getting everyone's opinion is almost impossible, thus the need to use of sampling in a survey. Sampling takes into account a percentage of opinions, which are supposed to be representative of the whole opinion. The accuracy of the sample size will greatly influence the final poll hence the need to undertake the surveys diligently and judiciously.

Modern surveys are predominantly carried out through the internet rather than the physical contact or one on one interaction synonymous with the conventional opinions. Internet surveys still follow the same principles of the traditional surveys, the only difference being mode of collecting and relaying the opinions. Carrying out reviews and opinion is never an easy task, especially considering that the sample has to be representative of a whole population, and at the same time steering clear of unexplainable outcomes or exceeding the margin of tolerable error. To ensure that the online surveys portray reliable results, the following is necessary:

Niche and good sample sizes

A good survey brings forth different opinions from the market pegged on sample sizes. It is therefore essential to ascertain the ideal size sample that is representative of the whole targeted market. A good way to make sure this happens is through identifying a niche market; this will cover both the respondents as well as the people seeking the reviews. Being specific makes drafting the questions and also relaying the final outcome easier and effective. For instance, a review firm such as Centre of Opinion has an already identified niche which targets Spanish-speaking residents in the United States.

User-Friendly Interface

Online surveys take place over the internet, where the respondents and interviewers engage each other. The internet surveys firms should ensure that the online platform will suit the respondents as well as the interviewers using the resource to earn money by completing surveys. User-friendly graphic user interface, good internet connectivity, easy and simple questions and a system that is compatible with most of the existing operating software and applications will suit any person using the internet platform. Wrongly structured, poorly designed and hosted interfaces will act as a deterrent to the paid surveys.

Reliable Information

The information provided by the internet survey needs to be comprehensive and suitable for an interviewer using the platform to make money with surveys, the person providing answers to the online surveys and the farm in need of the opinion. Paid surveys that fall short of gathering the required information use ideal statistical methods to translate raw data into information and relay the final reviews will have failed in attaining the objectives of Internet surveys. Online surveys companies that provide sufficient information and also support tools will more often than not attract more opinion seekers, more respondents, interviewers seeking to earn money by completing surveys as well as individuals seeking to use the reviews as a center of view.

Proper Statistical Tools

The success of surveys for money will also depend on the feasibility of the statistical methods used in garnering and translating the raw data into useful information. A broad selection of statistical tools exists and identifying the right methodologies that are simple to use and easily understood by anyone reviewing the opinions is always advisable. Good statistical methods for a survey need not to be complex, but can be simple yet very effective and reliable. A rule of thumb calls for keeping the Internet surveys simple, brief and accurate.

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