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By Jkc Quinn

How documentaries have affected our society

How important are documentary movies to society? Documentaries have had a big impact on our lives. Whether the information was good or bad, documentaries took the blinders off and opened our eyes to profound information. Some documentaries have even started entire revolutions.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Joe Cross was feeling the low times of an unhealthy lifestyle. He had an autoimmune disease and was taking several pills. He felt horrible all the time and needed a change. That drive brought us the documentary, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”

“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” followed Joe on his recovery journey, which changed his life forever. He needed a solution to “reboot” his body. After doing some research, Joe discovered the healing power of fruits and vegetables was what he needed. Once he found out how much he needed to consume on a daily basis, Joe decided the best way to take in all the nutrients was by juicing the vegetables and fruits.

The documentary followed Joe for 60 days and over 20 million people watched him transform from a sickly, dying man into a reborn, healthy adult. Joe reported no longer needing any of the medications he was originally taking, and he looked amazing. The documentary didn’t stop there and followed another man by the name of Phil Staples.

Both gentlemen showed such amazing results that it started a revolution. The need for healthier lifestyles drove millions of people to launch their own “reboots.” This documentary affected so many people in a positive way and still does today with helpful solutions for losing weight and seeking out a better, healthier life.

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake

Documentaries are not only informative, but they can be life-changing too. Take for example the documentary “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.” Personal account documentaries are very powerful. There is that instant connection hooking the audience into a very real personal story.

The documentary followed Jake the Snake as he left behind a life of substance abuse and embraced an invitation to change. The emotional account of his life back in wrestling tore the entertainment illusion and opened the viewer’s eyes to the true life of a wrestler. Jake the Snake’s powerful healing journey captured an inspiring tale of recovery and a deep look into the industry of wrestling.

Alive Inside

Another documentary showed the power of music in “Alive Inside.” “Alive Inside” informed the public of the impact music has on the mind. Music was used to restore memory loss to those plagued by memory loss diseases. The documentary embraced the emotional impact of the people remembering who they were through song.

Final thought

Whether we are interested in our health, the health of others, or some other category of interest, documentaries have had a big impact on our lives. Documentaries have started diet trends, a renewed sense of living better lives, opened our eyes to industries we knew little about, and have empowered our knowledge of the things in our ordinary daily lives. Documentaries have not only provided us with useful information but have started major trends.

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