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By Cheryl Meany

Let's go to the movies – A romantic recharge every couple needs

On the rare occasion that couples get a date night away from the children and their normal parental and household responsibilities, they typically head to a relatively quiet and romantic restaurant where they can have a normal adult conversation that doesn't include the children or the house. A restaurant date requires reservations, dress-up clothes, and at least two hours of things to talk about. While that can be a great chance to reconnect with your significant other, sometimes one or both parties is too tired, too stressed, or too worn out to even make conversation. Sometimes, just sitting together and escaping into another world or another life is just the recharge a couple needs to tackle the next day.

Enter the movie date.

Movies offer the perfect romantic atmosphere. It is quiet, dark, and cozy enough to allow a couple to hold hands and snuggle over a bucket of popcorn and their favorite candy available only in that size at the theater. For parents, movies can be the ultimate romantic date night destination. The other patrons are focused on the screen so no one is talking, pulling on your sleeve or pant leg, or asking to go to the bathroom. Both partners can focus intently on the storyline unfolding in front of them, losing themselves in another world. Gone are the worries of the day. Gone are the worries about tomorrow. For two hours, a couple can simply focus on the story of someone else. They can laugh together, be scared together, or be disappointed together without the pressure of driving a conversation.

Movies offer endless content options. From comedies to dramas, horror to psychological thrillers, movies meet every possible mood. While a couple might debate which restaurant to choose, all restaurants offer similar menu items. Each meal consists of appetizers, entrees and desserts. However, the movies can truly match the personality of each couple or be the perfect escape from their day. The menu options when it comes to movie selections are relatively endless. Has it been a stressful week at work and home? Perhaps a comedy will give you the smiles you need to make it to the weekend. Do you want to cover your eyes and scream, all while secretly hoping your partner will grab your hand to protect you from the monsters on the screen? Maybe the latest thriller would work for you. With so many options, a couple can pick the perfect movie to enact their escape from reality for a few hours.

Let's face it. Couples engage in conversation all day long. They talk about work, the children, home, what groceries need to be picked up at the store. For a blissful two hours, there is no need to talk. They can simply be together. What is more romantic than that?

Movie dates provide busy couples the opportunity to interact with an entertainment medium together while also removing the pressures of a typical date night. Couples can sit together, casually brush hands over buttered popcorn, and get lost in a life that is unlike their own for a few hours. It is relaxing, entertaining, and romantic: a perfect date night escape.

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