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By Rachel Hessling

How can you become a music producer?

Music producers are responsible for writing, arranging, recording and producing songs. If this is the job for you, here are some tips to land yourself your dream job. Most important, you need to acquire the skills needed to succeed at your future career and have the passion and dedication required to get you there.


Generally, it is necessary to have received a formal education in some form of music. This type of education allows one to develop their skills in music theory, composition, songwriting and the policy and business behind the music.

Internships/apprenticeships: It's a good idea to take advantage of summer breaks and free time during your education to get an internship before you graduate. This experience in practicing your art will be very valuable to you in finding your dream job after graduation.

Get a Job at a recording studio

If you got an internship while at school, you are likely to find a more permanent position once you have graduated, although you still won't likely be given your dream title of "producer" quite so soon. But in your new position at a recording studio, you will have ample time to hone your skills and work your way up to your dream job.

  • Learn and improve your skills

Take this opportunity to learn new skills. You can learn a lot by watching the producers in the studio work. You should take this time to learn as many skills, ideas, methods and problem solving strategies that these professionals use while they work. You may also get opportunities to test out your newly acquired skills. By showing you are a hard and dedicated worker passionate about this line of work and developing a good relationship with your boss, you may be allowed to practice on the equipment and use the studio after-hours or when there are no paying customers using the space.

  • Networking

Don't waste any opportunities to meet new people in the industry. Don't be afraid to ask people who you admire to give you some advice. They'll likely have some useful tips. They might even be willing to get you in contact with others that can get you closer to your dream job.

Additionally, you should try your best to connect with the clients you come to record at the studio. If you form a good relationship, these individuals could ask for you personally to assist at your next session. This would show your boss that you are a valuable member of the team and getting you closer to that promotion.

  • Promotions

By initially getting a job at a recording studio, you have the possibility of working your way up to becoming a producer. Make a good impression, be confident in your skills and keep a positive attitude. These will lead you on the path to becoming a producer.

Other tips:

Don't waste any opportunities to practice and improve your skills. Your friend needs to record something? Help them out for free and ask them if you can use it in a portfolio later to land that job. Bored one afternoon? Experiment and record your own tracks in your room.

Collaborate with other producers. Don't be afraid to ask someone who's work you appreciate to collaborate with you. You'll probably improve your skills and others may be able to vouch for you in the future.

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