The benefits of day care.


Child care is a major decision most parents face. Parents often contemplate what is the best choice for their family. Some parents choose a relative or a nanny. Some may choose to stay at home to care for the children. A lot of parents are finding that day cares are a great option. Parents who have children in day care have a few benefits. The arrangement is more concrete. With a day care, a parent does not have to worry if an employee is sick or running late. Also, parents have clear expectations when it comes to drop-off and pick-up of the child. However, what are the benefits for the children? What are they getting from this? Well, to help here are some ways that day care is helping children.

Social development. Children who attend day care are developing social skills verses children who do not attend. Problem solving skills, team building, and communication skills are all important skills that a child will obtain while going to day care. They are also getting a chance to interact with their peers in situations that they may not get to experience otherwise. Learning how to express their feelings in a healthy way is also something that is learned.

Structure. Most good day cares provide a set routine for children based on their age. It allows children time to learn, play, eat and rest. Structure is crucial for children. Often their day is dictated by the adults in their life. Not knowing what the day holds can be very stressful for a child. Structure provides them with the comfort and knowledge of what they can expect. This will also be helpful for when the child starts to attend school.

Preparing for school. When a child goes off to school for the first time they it should not be as upsetting for them. The thought of being away from their parents for seven hours will not seem as difficult because they have gone to day care.

Independence. Parents who have children who attend day care may notice that their child has become more independent. A child may insist on putting on their own jacket or putting on their own shoes without any assistance from an adult. Self-help skills are often something taught in day cares.

Academic preparedness. Most day cares offer some sort of age-appropriate curriculum for children. Shapes, colors, days of the week and numbers are all topics that can be covered. Children also tend to work on math, reading, writing and other various topics. Usually when they are younger topics such as animals, weather and body parts are also covered.

Parents can take comfort in knowing that while parents benefit from day cares their children do as well. Children are given the opportunity to experience different situations and overcome different obstacles that they may not get to otherwise. Providing children with a nurturing environment can give them the tools and much needed room to grow and thrive in the future. Children need a certain foundation before they start school. Day care is a great way to obtain that foundation.


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