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By Sarah Taylor

Meditating on a personal level

Meditation, you hear about it, and read about it, but do you actually look and see what meditation is? When people hear meditation, they think about religion, but it isn't always like that. Some people do use meditation for religious beliefs, but it just depends on the type that you wish to try. Meditation is where you train your consciousness to grasp a realization of something or becoming one with yourself. Meditation is used to relieve stress and helps you to focus, so whether you are stressed from work or school, meditation can help you clear your mind so it's easier for you to learn.

Why you should try meditation

When you meditate, it affects your mind, which has your brain stop the information process. There is a decrease in the beta waves in your brain. It can even help people with anxiety. Meditation weakens the part of the brain that processes the information about our experiences. Once it is weakened, we are able to use our reasoning more clearly. Which lets us focus on more important things so we don't react and use our emotions as strongly.

Who can use it

Yes, it is very beneficial for any person, young or old. There are many different ways that you may meditate – it's supposed to be personal. It helps to relieve your stress and it's great for your mind, body and overall health. Since there are so many types of meditation that you can do, then there is no limit as to who can meditate. Some types of meditation are more challenging than others, so it's best to start off with something simple while you train your mind and body for it.

While some people may have hours to meditate, others may only have 5 minutes; but that's OK because that's all you need. Start off with just a couple of minutes and lengthen the time as you go. Since all you need are a few minutes then it makes it perfect for anywhere you are. It's great even for your lunch break if you need a little relief. Even kids can use meditation, but make sure it's always under a guardian or teacher's watch.

Choose your meditation

There are several types of meditation which help with different things, so it's important to figure out which one works best for yourself. Not every meditation will be right for every person. Some of the types are:

Buddhist Meditation

  • Zen (Zazen): Calls for correct posture and sometimes includes chanting, ritualism and Buddhist teachings.
  • Vipassana Meditation: Good to start out with and doesn't call for any kind of rituals.
  • Mindful Meditation: Probably one of the simplest to learn, was adapted from Buddhist teachings.
  • Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta Meditation): Metta itself means kindness. It's good to use if you are self-centered and want to make a change, also helps with insomnia.

Hindu Meditation

  • Mantra Meditation: Mantra is a syllable or a word that gets repeated to help focus your mind.
  • Transcendental Meditation: Is the most expensive type of meditation as it can't be practiced without a teacher.
  • Yoga Meditation: Divides practices into rules of conduct, breathing exercises and help you to contemplate on things.
  • Self-Enquiry and "I AM" Meditation: Helps you to realize who you are and brings out all of your inner strengths.

Chinese Meditation

  • Taoist Meditation: Becoming one with nature, calming your entire mind and body.
  • Qigong: It means "life energy cultivation," this can be used as an active meditation.

Christian Meditation

  • Helps you to get right with God and moral purification.

Guided Meditation

  • Takes a lot of willpower and is good for easing tension.

Focused Meditation

  • Helps you to focus on specific things.

Open Monitoring Meditation

  • Helps you to pay attention to things happening around you.

There is no right or wrong with meditation, you just have to find the type that is right for you. So keep searching and you'll find your relief and happiness.

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