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Discover the details of lighting up your home

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to highlight your house at night. Not only can it help to emphasize the best corners in your house, but it also increases your feeling of security at night.

If you are looking for ways to improve your outdoor lighting, consider the following.

• Know your house orientation. What is the design of your house, and what corners do you want to highlight?
• Consider entrance lighting. The entrance is one of the spots where lighting can improve the overall aesthetic of your house.
• Use a mixture of high- and low-intensity lights.
• Use switches to adjust to your own preferences the amount of light intensity that is pleasing to your eyes.

Most of the households haven't updated their lighting yet, and old lighting models use more electricity than the modern units. In order to save on electricity bills, updating to newer and more efficient lighting is highly recommended. In the market today, a lot of companies are already offering energy efficient light bulbs. You can consider the two types of energy efficient light bulbs: LEDs (light emitting diodes) and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps).

A typical home has two lighting fittings – spotlight fittings and standard light fittings. Energy-efficient light bulbs are available for both fittings. Depending on your preference, you can choose from energy efficient models of both CFLs and LEDs. CFLs are cost friendly light bulbs. They cost a lot less and last longer than a traditional light bulb. Another option is LED. LEDs are more expensive than CFLs, but are also more efficient. Replacing the traditional light with these new energy efficient lighting units can drastically decrease the electric bill.

How to improve lighting and save money at the same time

• Be conscious of how you use your lighting and be aware of your lighting mechanisms. A lot of your consumed energy can be saved if you are conscious enough to monitor and control your lighting system.
• Only turn on the light when needed.
• Upgrade your lighting system. Modern lighting systems use sensors to manage and control your lighting depending on the time and the amount of light intensity needed at a specific time of the day.
• Arrange your switches and upgrade to switches that allow you to adjust the light intensity. Proper arrangement of switches allows you to manage your lighting with ease and comfort.
• Upgrade your lighting. Traditional lighting energy consumption is a lot higher than newer models.

Natural lighting

Another alternative is the use of natural lighting. Although, the problem with this is the need to renovate, since house orientation and design is very important when it comes to the usage of natural light. Natural light can be only used during the day. One of the best ways to allow natural light into the house is to use light colored curtains. This allows the light to properly spread inside the house. Indoor paint color is also a factor that affects the dispersion of light. Dark colors tend to absorb more light rather than bouncing it back, thus it is highly recommended to use light colors in order to maximize the capacity of natural light in a house.

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