Top 10 ways for couples to stay connected and live happy


For those readers like me, the middle of summer tends to be a downer. The 4th of July has come and gone, it's too hot to do anything active outside, and I'm beginning to see all of the hard work I did in the spring with diet and exercise start to plunge down the drain. Not only that, but in the midst of trips to see family, extra work, and recreational league softball, I have found myself disconnected from my wife as well.

Instead of focusing on what has been lost, though, this is the perfect time to press the reset button on both our connections with our significant others and our physical well-being. With this in mind, I have created a top 10 list to get couples doing things together and getting healthy at the same time, starting with myself and my beautiful bride. Without further ado, then, here it is: the top 10 ways for couples to stay connected, get healthy and live happy in the dog days of summer.

10. Take regular romantic strolls in the evening.

Relationships 101 tells us that communication is the most important part of a relationship. Why not communicate during a refreshing walk after dinner? After all, a brisk stroll for 30 minutes can burn over 100 calories!

  1. Find a coed bowling league to compete in.

I know what you're thinking … Bowling, really? The most important thing is to have fun together, though. And as we try to weather through the blistering summer, one night a week bowling together in ice cold air conditioning will change things up and get those competitive juices flowing in both of you. Not only that, but 90 minutes of bowling will actually burn 260 calories!

  1. Take a cooking class together.

Let's face it, with cookouts, picnics, and midnight snacks consisting of huge portions of ice cream, our diets have gotten a little out of whack the last couple of months. Cooking together will be another way to enjoy quality time, while learning healthier ways to prepare meals.

  1. Get in the gym.

Working out together is a great way to find motivation for getting the most out of your exercise routine. Be honest, when you are working out in front of your significant other, you always want to get that one extra rep on the weights or push the treadmill one tenth of a mile per hour faster. Of course, in the process of getting buff, couples will again find an opportunity for quality time with each other.

  1. Train for and participate in a running race together.

Sharing common goals always strengthens relationships. Training together for a 5K, 10K, mini or full marathon gives couples ample opportunity to be together while cheering each other on every step of the way. Also, just imagine the feeling of crossing the finish line with your significant other. You will be creating a memory to last a lifetime.

  1. Have a Scrabble night.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Scrabble is simply one of a slew of board games that will work those brain muscles while you and your significant other cuddle up with each other and enjoy a night together.

  1. Visit a local vineyard for a wine tasting.

We all know that the occasional glass of wine has great health benefits for the heart. Well, a day at the vineyard could have great benefits for the heart and soul of your relationship as well. Vineyards offer affordable wine tastings on beautiful grounds that can rekindle the spark in your relationship.

  1. Hit the rink.

It can be either the ice skating rink or the roller rink. Sure, you may have to turn a blind eye to all the high schoolers and middle schoolers, but the quaintness of a roller or ice rink can really ignite a romantic experience. It also is an atmosphere that allows for some communication and a lot of hand holding. Of course skating is also a great cardiovascular exercise. One two-hour night of skating, for example, could burn a whopping 900 calories!

  1. Hiking

There is nothing like getting back to nature to feel like a new guy or gal. Also, the serene landscape tends to be very romantic and supplies ample privacy! Hiking for a couple of hours will burn over 800 calories.

  1. Bow Chicka Wow Wow

I'm a guy, so you should have seen this coming. There is, however, no denying the bond that sexual intercourse brings to a committed relationship. It is also good for your health. Endorphins are released into the brain to help ease stress and tension and sex is, of course, a cardiovascular activity.


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