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By Terri Mitchell

Cool ways to remodel your outdoor spaces for warm weather

Now is the time to really take a good look at your outdoor living spaces; could they benefit from a remodel? Remodeling and transforming your green spaces doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you can make a distinct difference with little money and labor. Consider talking with landscaping professionals for their suggestions regarding remodeling your outdoor spaces, and do something now to benefit all summer long!

Some cool ways to remodel your outdoor space for summer include the following:

Build something. Build a patio to provide the property with a level surface for entertaining, dining, or just lounging. This is not a difficult task, but may merit contacting a landscaping contractor for fast, professional results. If you are inclined to take the project on yourself, make sure the ground is tilled and level before building for best results.

Fine-tune your foliage. You can create something beautiful in your yard by investing in some shrubs and plants. Form borders, accents, and focal points using native plants, herb seedlings and young trees. These may be strategically planted to evoke a sense of privacy, obscure your home’s windows, or separate your property from an adjoining neighbor’s.

Put in some beds. You don’t have to have a green thumb to bring a garden to life; there are some easy plant options that will thrive and do well in any region. Talk with greenhouse or landscaping experts to find the best plants to fit your property, gardening skills and budget. If you lack the green space for a garden, use large planters or recycled treasures to start your bed. Even an old bucket or watering can makes an adequate, and fun, planter for a variety of annuals, perennials and herbs.

Add some water. Another easy way to transform and remodel your outdoor living space is with water. Add fountains and features to your yard, lawn, or garden to breathe a bit of life and movement into the landscape. Look for solar-powered fountains with lighting features, or make your own fountain using a simple aquarium pump. To ensure your safety, be sure that you don’t use plug-in pumps for your water features.

Create cozy nooks. Construct a cozy place to sit and get away from it all – right in your very own yard. Bring in a comfy chair, a cocktail table, and a lighting feature to provide a place to sit, read, and relax all summer long. Bistro sets and wrought-iron patio sets make the perfect spot for morning coffee. Go a step further by using pavers for a flat surface or surrounding your nook with potted plants and container gardens. Herbs are hardy, easy-to-grow plants that will provide fresh produce for cooking, while filling your cozy nook with a decadent fragrance all summer.

Cherish the warm weather and time that you spend outside by remodeling your outdoor living spaces. Try these suggestions to improve the looks of your green space and to optimize your family’s enjoyment during warm weather. Talk with retailers and contractors about your project ideas and to obtain estimates that may help you when planning your remodeling budget.

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