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By by Hilary L.

The absolute best TV sitcoms of all time by decade – We're not kidding!

First of all, this is my list – so I decide – but I am glad you took the time to visit. You can argue with me all you want but I took a lot of time deciding on these entries and will not change my mind. With that said, here ARE the absolutely best TV sitcoms from the last half century:

Get Smart (1960s) – A collaborative creative between two of the funniest writers of all time – Buck Henry and Mel Brooks – this sitcom is both incredibly simple in its humor and ultimately sublime. Agents 86 and 99 as well as the Chief, Hymie and Larabee are nonpareil when it comes to comic timing. Nothing is off limits as the show lampoons the mores of the day, the stereotypes of its watching public and even gets in a few butt jokes. Would you believe?!

Runner Up – Green Acres

Soap (1970s) – Almost impossible to follow in a coherent way, the plot line of this series is incredibly detailed. From Jessica Tate being marooned in a lifeboat to Bert being abducted by aliens, this sitcom provided more laughs per minute than the movie "Airplane!" Take two days and watch it continuously, as there are only 93 marvelous episodes. Find out on "Soap"!!

Runner Up – Mary Tyler Moore Show

Cheers (1980s) – Sam, Diane, Carla, Norm and Coach – not to forget Rebecca, Cliff, Woody and Frasier – were quite the ensemble cast. Even the guest stars were magnificent. Dan Hedaya and Harry Anderson were impeccable in their roles, but other folks who showed up on occasion were Harry Connick Jr., Alex Trebek, Johnny Carson and even Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill. It is still a show not to be missed. Norm!!

Runner Up The Simpsons

Seinfeld (1990s) – This show – purportedly about nothing – is really the show about everything. Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George are inseparable as friends but also incredibly insightful into each other's actions. They cannot "pull a fast one" on each other as their motives are always transparent to the others. If you come from a close family, you know exactly what I mean. Serenity now!!

Runner Up Frasier

Friends (2000s) – Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe are also inseparable except when it comes to hooking up. Who had sex with whom? I can barely keep up. All I know is that Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck and Brad Pitt, as well as Susan Sarandon, all showed up to have sex with one or more of the "Friends" gang. I'll be there for you!!

Runner Up Drew Carey Show

Archer (2010s) – Do not watch this one with the kids, but watch it nevertheless. Nothing on TV is funnier, wittier or more obscene than this animated show. The lead character, Sterling Archer, is a conflation of every bad spy movie trope you have ever seen. The rest of the cast plays second fiddle to Archer but with a virtuoso twist. Every line is funny and filled with innuendo, puns and double entendres. Danger zone!!

Runner Up Modern Family

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